Caveat emptor- I will NEVER buy another Sears product. My master`s contract expires on 3.11.2020. Unfortunately, I went through chemo 5 years ago and my fridge went out. I had to leave with Sears for availability and delivery. Never again! I replaced the 2x ice. The freezer went out once. And in August, my whole unit stopped cooling down. I spent over 25 hours waiting with them and three attempts at repairs it is currently working. Tech, who came for the first time to replace the compressor. He told me that if the power was off for less than 30 minutes, I had to unplug it for 30 minutes to restart it. It`s true?!?! You must be crazy. I guess you have to move a fridge full of its cube hole to separate it, and then squeeze it back. NOPE did not arrive.

You can`t tell me the fridge knows 10 minutes by 30 minutes. So three days after he left, it stopped. I lost everything. I`ve been delayed. Come back, come back to my house, download new software, say that the new compressor does not communicate with old software, does not go, then CANCELED the call that it was in my house, which causes me to lose a request for food loss at 300 dollars. Two-three days later, it stops. Many calls that have been repeatedly lied to by sears phone operators. New technology comes for the 3rd repair call about 10 days later (we are now at the end of seven and it started 8/7) and it replaces the tumble dryer on it. It is not uncommon for compressors to throw metal fragments when they continue and clog the tumble dryer, which does not cool it. Since then, it`s been working. I was treated horribly, lied, transferred to a number that doesn`t back down, said to call a number when Tech was there so he could talk to them, which I did, but „sorry, we`re temporarily closed.“ I have never been treated with such disrespectful and mediocre customer service in my life.

As I said CAVEAT EMPTOR – let the buyer watch….. I`m glad I`m not alone with this! I`ve been looking after Sears for a month. Our washing machine is off and still waiting for parts. I can`t bring someone in to help me. I did not answer the phone for an hour and a half. I had to collapse and buy a new washing machine. I can`t walk without a washing machine. Sears must pay to keep them from contracting. Not Happy Tammy I`m in the same boat my cauldron of 2 and a half years ago burned more than a month ago Sears still has no return to me. Looking for a lawyer to help KEARNY, NEW JERSEY — bought a 24″ Craftsman snow strawberry on 15.10.2016 plus a 5-year contract in the repair house. I have listed the number of the protection group in my booklet, which is in the brochure.

I called the client law group and all possible numbers without success. Even though my purchase agreement shows the receipt in HOME REPAIR, they can`t apply at home unless I agree to pay for a home visit. I spent more than 5 hours over a week solving this problem without success. I have been a customer of Sear products for over 40 years. Even if they go bankrupt, they have lost me forever. The same garbage attracts me to Memphis Tennessee. I bought the whole cover of the house. My washing machine make a loud noise.

After 8 service calls, one transmission. New bathtub springs. This record sounds like a Sherman tank, I called Sears Holdings 30 times to talk to the team that is supposed to deal with this kind of problem. Sears Holdings told me that a new washing machine would be delivered in a week. We never received it. I called her back. They told me I had to pay for the service. I told them it was guaranteed when this chaos started almost a year ago. A please help do something above sears.

they are Liers, cheats, Thieves.ill make sure that anyone who hears the Sears Apparently Sears warranty has been so mismanaged, even in areas where they have earned money, as they are concerned, and they no longer renew master protection agreements. I called to ask for all my belongings to be taken away, and then in December I received a message saying that 1/2 of my belongings were out of protection.