The drop-down list includes credit card issuers who have submitted credit card agreements under Section 204 of the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD Act) of 2009. If you can`t find a card issuer, it may be that: Choose an example cardmember Agreement Cardmember type agreements below offer general terms, interest rates and fee information based on our latest consumer credit card offerings. They are provided to help you make informed decisions about which offers best suit your needs. The content provided below is updated quarterly and in PDF format. If you have any questions about the agreements yourself, speak directly to the card issuer. We include consumer credit card agreements in this database, as the respective issuers have submitted. The GFPB is not responsible for the content of the agreements, including any discrepancies between an agreement as presented in the database and the agreement, as proposed to the public, or omissions or other errors in the agreement, as presented by the issuer. To request a copy of your card contract:If you are an existing member of your card, please sign up, browse the Services link in the credit card menu and request a copy of your card contract. The agreements to be put in place contain general terms, prices and information on fees. They are not specific to a person`s account information. Receive a copy of your contract via email by sending a request below.

Click on the link to get a copy of the card member`s contract. If none of these reasons are correct and you still can`t reach an agreement, call them to ask for a copy of your contract. Under federal law, your credit card issuer is required to provide a copy of your contract upon request. A card member contract is a written document of the terms and conditions for your credit card account at Discover. ®, TM: Is used by amex Bank of Canada under license American Express ®, TM: Trademarks of AM Royalties Limited Partnership, which is licensed by LoyaltyOne, Co. and Amex Bank of Canada. ®: Information about brand ownership is available at: application for a new credit card? Learn more about the app Please see the offer price and packaging document for information on interest rates, fees and applicable fees. Choose your card to check your Cardmember Agreement American Express® AIR MILES® Platinum in search of your Cardmember contract? You can request an email copy of your respective Cardmember contract by logging into your account. The date on which the Cardmember agreement was last updated is displayed in the bottom right corner of the last page of the Cardmember agreement in the form of the „month/year).“