Page 1 of 5 SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT is a basic rule of grammar. Topics and verbs must agree in person and in numbers. The following rules will help you avoid errors when agreeing to the topic. 1. In the 9th lesson 57 chord with the assembled ubjects, a compound theme contains two or more simple subjects that have the same verb. It requires a singular or plural verb depending on how the parts of the subject are related. If two or more simple themes are linked by the coordination conjunction and or by the connective conjunction… and, the verb is plural. and is used to connect two words that are part of a single unit or that relate to one person or one thing. In this case, the subject is considered singular. If two or more themes are linked by the coordination conjunction or not or the correlated conjunction, either… Or not… and the verb also does not correspond to the subject closest to it.

Lakes, rivers and streams have fish. (Pluriel) Rivers and streams carry mud. (Pluriel) Our chef and bottle washer wants to see you! Singular. The expression or data medium contains the information. (Pluriel; a singular and a plural subject; the verb corresponds to the subject closest to him) Either the data media or the expression contains the information. (Singulier; a plural and a singular subject; the verb corresponds to the subject closest to him) Exercise 1 Draw two lines in the correct form of the verb in parentheses. In space, write if the verb form is singular or if it is plural. The Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean (strike, strike) the African continent.

1. The second largest and most diverse continent (east, is) Africa. 2. The east coast and the west coast (east, are) smooth. 3. The northernmost and southernmost points of Africa (stretch, stretch) almost equal distances from the equator. 4. The Northern Plateau, the Central Plateau/Outhern and the Eastern Highlands are the three main continental regions. 5. The Enegal and Niger rivers (empty, empty) in the Udan basin. 6. Africa`s most famous mountain and the highest peak (east, are) Kilimanjaro.

Unit 9, ubject-verb Accord 195 1 GRAMMAR Eight parts of the noun Pronoun Adadective Verb Adverb Interjection Conjunction Noun Interjection Name or classify people, places, things and concepts 1. Correct subunsions: Call some people, 4 7. Alaska before it beed part of the United Tates, was (was, were) eward Folly or Iceberg. 8. There (lies, lies) the best keeper in the province! 9. Are the ingredients of these cereals (including) sugar? 10. Pluto, the planet furthest from the Sun (orbit, orbits) the Sun every 90,000 days. 11. The streets of this city (contains) little asphalt. 12. Here are (here, are) your instructions. 13.

Amber used in jewelry, (come, comes) from petrified tree juice. 14. Americans in every region of the country (talk, talk) with clear accents. 15. At the back of the room (seated, seated) the nearest speaker. 16. There is in the hall (are, is) the language laboratory.