Alternatively, the owners of the land decide to claim the amount of rental costs actually incurred. Please keep all supporting documents such as leases, bank statements, invoices and receipts for a period of at least 5 years for verification. Please provide us with the accommodation address and details of myTax Mail`s income and rental expenses. To access myTax Mail, log in to > myTax Mail with your Singpass or IRAS Unique Account (IUA). In June 2019, the tenant terminated the lease. In the event of a rent increase in the existing tenancy agreement, you do not need to update IRAS separately for property tax purposes if the document (z.B rent change or supplementary contract) within 15 days of the increase via our e-Stampeding e-Stampeding Portal e-Stampeding wurde portal. For more information on stamp duty on real estate leases, see Rents for real estate. If e-stamping is not required or is not done until after 15 days after the increase, you must notify IRAS within 15 days of the increase for property tax purposes. The penalty for non-compliance is a fine of up to $5,000 and a tax interest rate at the rate that can be taxed (if applicable).

Pay Seller`s Stamp Duty or Right to the Seller Stamp Duty Remission for Residential Developers for Real Estate Transfer Agreements Costs incurred exclusively for the production of rental income and during the term of the lease may be claimed in the form of a tax deduction. The amended stamp certificate can be downloaded immediately after the self-modification and there is no obligation to submit the agreement unless we request it for review. At the end of the lease, homeowners must again request that landlords and homeowners` tax rates apply to their property when they are reinvested in the property. Owner-occupier tax rates are not applied automatically at the end of a lease. This also applies to early termination of the lease. To apply, you can use our „Apply For Owner-Occupier Tax Rates“ electronic service. If your tenant is required to lease the rental agreement (including the room rental lease) to e-Stamp, you can ask your tenant for a copy of the stamp certificate to ensure that the lease has been stamped.