In order for a landlord to avoid adverse legal consequences when a tenant is empty prematurely, the tenancy agreements contain a corrective provision stipulating that a rebate can only take place if the tenant enters into a written contract of revocation and waiver. [See the first form Tuesday 552-3 No. 20.1] In a transfer deed, the condition is often that the tenant must leave the property. This may include indicating the cleanliness of the property and whether the devices should be removed from the customer. The occupancy deadline and the time to evacuate the premises may also be indicated. If z.B. a retailer withdraws from the rental room, the transfer deed may indicate that all signage, shelves and other equipment that the retailer owns must be removed from the property. A surrender obligation returns ownership to the titleholder, usually after the fiduciary obligations and obligations of both parties have been fulfilled. Note that the written agreement must specify that this is an act and that the lease ends with immediate effect. The act could require that the owner`s infrastructure and amenities, such as lighting or air conditioning, remain in place.

The deed of surrender would also explain when the tenant must have completed the necessary cleaning work after the removal of his belongings. The document also confirms that the tenant has fulfilled all financial obligations to the lessor, stipulates that the lessor has repaid the tenant`s deposit or part of the tenant` deposit, or that the tenant has no refund of the deposit. The deed of surrender is signed by the landlord, the tenant and a witness as a notary. The lease agreement on the first Tuesday contains the writing by which a lease is terminated and tenants and landlords are exempt from other obligations and responsibilities of the tenancy agreement. [See first form Tuesday 587] The agreement must indicate the date and time at which the property is officially returned to the owner and in what condition. It should also indicate all the financial conditions required by one or both parties at the time of the handover. Both parties sign the agreement, hand over keys and the lease term ends. The essence of tacit capitulation is the consensual task of the tenant owning the premises.