(iii) The first part undertakes not to abuse or abuse, directly or indirectly, the authorization to collect stamp duty by any staff or staff members of its licensed collection centres; and 3.8 CFCs enter the necessary information and information into the system and download an electronic stamp certificate with the unique identification number (UIN) to be attached to the document. Stamp certificate information is available on the e-Stamping (e-SS) server. (g) the central registration authority may not provide, transfer or disclose to anyone, without the written permission of the higher supervisory authority, hardware, software and other technologies or details of the electronic stamp project it has carried out in the State without the written permission of the Chief Controlling Authority, with the exception of the designated collection centres; (h) „e-stamp certificate,“ the certificate of stamp electronically issued by the central registration unit, established on paper, in accordance with Rule 27, for the calculation of stamp duty collected by law; There are so many additional clauses that you need to be careful about, whether it`s Notice Period, lock-in period, pets, repair and maintenance and so on. LegalDesk.com jumps to your aid, here you can create individual rentals and all you need to do is follow these simple steps – you can also check your e-Stamp process by SMS by sending eStamp to 8100, followed by the 16-digit buffer paper number. (a) the central registration unit transfers to the account manager, after deducting the agreed commission or agreed rebate, the consolidated amount of stamp duty levied on the electronic stamp system, no later than after the closing of the opening hours of the next business day, from the date of that collection; Step 1: You must determine the reference number for the registration of the Punjab trademark and the amount of stamp duty owed by the relevant registrar. And while the 2nd party agreed to work as a central registration agency within the state of Punjab and to develop a stamp duty collection system on behalf of the Punjab government of the final purchaser of the E-Stamp certificate. (v) that the second party is required to transfer the consolidated amount of stamp duty levied from its branches or collection centres authorized to state government account managers, in accordance with the 2014 Punjab e-Stamp rules (hereafter referred to as „rules“). Legal stamp documents are used for the management of justice before a court. Simply put, the costs of a court proceeding are paid by court stamp papers to avoid cash transactions. Stamp duty is an important source of income for the Punjab government and is collected by the Board of Revenue.

However, traditional practices have left many loopholes, and there has sometimes been a failure in collecting taxes, which has led to the groundbreaking e-Stamp Punjab project, which automates the production of stamp paper and allows buyers and sellers to pay their taxes and obtain legal documents for real estate investments of any kind.