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Spread your thoughts convincingly. 2 Service Level Agreement (SLA) – DefinitionA ALS is an agreement or agreement between service centres (SC) and their key customers/interests) and defines a service or set of services that a service provider provides to service users at a defined level of service. ALS can: identify HC and customer service obligations to define responsibilities and limits. Solve problems and change goals over time, as technology and business requirements set out 11 basic guidelines for the creation of SLAs (continued) Performance metrics and design reward systems: Performance Management Create a „balanced“ view from multiple angles that interest both the SC and the customers. , always check compliance with business objectives Focus on „some good metrics“, customers can understand that metrics influence behavior and build into metrics that promote „good behavior“ and penalize „bad behavior“ The team and individual incentives should be developed to achieve /Exceed performance targets in THE goals of the SLAs must be achievable and 6 reasonable SLA components – Service PerformanceSubsection Description Availability The expected delay when the service is available to users, reliability The frequency with which the planned service can be cancelled (i.e.