Hello. Do I have any questions about delivery on the high seas? I have orders to deliver bitumen to the high seas. What does that mean. 14. At some point, HSS buyers buy goods after they arrive. Such a sale is not HSS. The stamp paper on which the HSS agreement is executed must not bear the date of purchase of the stamp as the date of arrival of the postal load. Such a case can be easily recognized by customs as a post-arrival sale. In this case, we have to use 200 rs of buffer paper for the agreement. Dear Sir, If the buyer changed after HSS – IGM submitted to the first buyer, but the container was not unloaded at POD.

Is there a chance of transferring the same HSS to another buyer? How did the High Sea Sale contract transfer? 8. In HSS contracts, the HSS seller cannot transfer the import value to the HSS buyer. However, customs may charge the initial import bill, in which case the HSS seller may be forced to part with this information. To overcome this, the HSS vendor should assume responsibility for custom authorization and on-site delivery. After customs authorization, the HSS seller was able to withdraw the import invoices and only provide the HSS buyer with registration documents with the agreement of HSS. The list of custom items does not give an original import value and is prepared for the HSS value. 4. At the conclusion of the HSS agreement, the B/L should be approved in favour of the new purchaser. With respect to the air shipment, the HSS seller should write to the airline agent and Agent Consol to let him know that an HSS agreement has been reached with the HSS buyer and that, therefore, the cargo document is confirmed in favour of the purchaser of HSS and that the IGM should be filed by the airline on behalf of the purchaser of HSS.

Sales on the high seas are sales made by the actual recipient (i.e..dem, the designated recipient in the car letter) to another buyer, while the goods are on the high seas or after shipping from the loading port and before they arrive at the unloading port. If z.B. a buyer in India buys scrap from the United States and the shipment is made by transit, the goods will be sold to another person, the transaction being called a sale on the high seas. Therefore, the contract for sale on the high seas should be signed after the shipment of original goods and before they arrive at their destination. When the sale contract is concluded on the high seas, the bill of lading should be approved in favour of the buyer. Ownership of the transfer of goods to the buyer and the entry invoice are also filed in the buyer`s name. In this article, we look at THE applicability of GST to sales on the high seas. In this regard, I would like to clarify that the sale on the high seas is only envisaged if the goods have not crossed the customs barrier of the country and before the customs clearance of the goods is transferred to the buyer and the buyer proceeds with the shipment of customs, whether or not the goods are in the sea air, as both parties will sign a sale agreement on the high seas and, on the basis of that purchaser, will be able to withdraw the shipment from the country`s customs. The format of the high seas sales agreement can be obtained on the Internet and must be filled in a stamp paper and a stamp paper. Sale on the high seas is the sale of imported goods before crossing the customs area. Tansfer goods by the agreement registered in India and the buyer must pay the obligation of Cstoms, please confirm if the date of the sales contract may have landed in Objective 9 after the flight.

There is no bar for the same products sold more than once on the high seas. In these cases, the last value of the shSS is taken over by customs for the purposes of the law. The latest HSS agreement is expected to provide guidance on past divestitures of securities.