Check the tires. If the kilometre counter indicates 20,000 miles or less on the car, the vehicle should normally have the original tires. It is illegal for you to sell a vehicle that is not licensed and registered on your behalf unless you have a dealer license. In the State of Montana, you must complete a free montana sales form that allows you to enter your data (sellers) and the information provided by the buyer as well as the information related to the item for sale. You can use this proof of ownership/proof of sale to transfer possession of a vehicle, horse, dog, motorcycle, boat or even a weapon. The BOS could also be used to record the sale and transfer of a company`s ownership. The contract must be signed by the buyer and seller, and each part of that contract must contain the initials of both parties. Compare the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the title with the VIN on the vehicle. You have to agree. The Montana Vehicle Bill of Sale Form MV-24 is a document that will prove the legal sale and purchase of a vehicle in the state of Montana. This document will provide all the necessary information about the seller, the buyer, the information of the vehicle, the reading of the kilometer meter, essentially all the information for the registration.

This form requires certification. The plates are yours, not the vehicle. Do not let the buyer go home with the promise that he will return the license plates. If you do not remove the signs, you may be liable for parking or traffic violations that occur after the sale. The Montana Bill of Sale Forms is a legal document that the seller and buyer would use to both prove and register purchases and/or trades. These forms will prove that a transaction has taken place, as well as the change of ownership. The forms also contain important information about the ship, vehicle, firearm or any personal item containing all identification numbers and/or information. For some forms, certification is required for authentication. It is illegal to display or park a sales-oriented vehicle on land in which you have no legal interest, unless the owner`s written permission is indicated in the vehicle. A pawn may arise because the owner took out a loan to buy the vehicle and the bank, the credit institution or the private party that borrowed the money did not repay in full.