I was sold an oversized heat pump in 2015, and they installed the system directly on the ground and didn`t pull the permission. I had the protection contract. The system has not been in operation since September 7, 2019. They told me that they had permission to replace the system last Thursday and that they would call me last Friday, but they would not return my calls or emails. I think one day I will have to bring them to justice to replace my system or get back to work. That`s right, avoid Sears Home Warranty! If you have your device repaired at Sears, the technician may urge you to purchase a Sears Home Warranty to cover your devices and ensure safety. In fact, it will even reduce its service by 50% that day if you buy one. And who doesn`t trust a legendary brand like Sears, doesn`t they? And this sears repairer guy looking for your best interests. Don`t fall for it. For some reason, sears felt it was appropriate to collaborate with Cross Country Home Services AKA HomeSure AKA Country Home Services.

And they`re not serious. When I needed a repair of my tumble dryer and exhaust system, it took me two days to get a repairer out. It was not from Sears, but a small outfit poorly rated online. He diagnosed the prob, said he would order the parts and come back quickly because the parts were easy to find. We went to work without the tumble dryer for 8 days, and it was after a lot of effort to get things done. On the 10th day, a HomeSure/CCHS employee calls to deny the claim on the integrated exhaust system. It seems that the fine print completely excludes this article. The only glimmer of money is that I needed repairs during the second month of my agreement, I was able to reassess the agreement and go down before paying a lot for a very little…

a bad offer as a whole. Avoid them and pay from your pocket at the end. 100% agree that the protection agreement is a joke and will never buy a device from Sears again. The LG refrigerator I bought with a 5 year protection plan has a poorly designed ice machine. So it`s just the ice shell, and the rest pours my freezer and puts everything in ice. First call, I gave a detailed description of the problem because customer service said they had to make sure it has the right parts. Took time to work for an appointment that lasted a total of 5 minutes. He looked at the problem, adapted to the problem and ordered part of the computer for the next technology to fix it. Second call, again missed the job and had spare ice manufacturers for these, as I was sent. Tech saw the problem then replaced by new ice manufacturers, but it – I realized that it also leaned… It was made with a weak support that does not hold the tray. He said he`s sorry, but it`s not going to fix this, and he has to have four calls before Sears does something.

Order another room. Third call, reinstalled a new ice maker that was sent to me. I said the same thing. Can`t fix it just to continue by 4. Fix to get a new refrigerator.