11.1 Indications. Google will notify the customer as part of the agreement by sending an email to the notification email address. The customer will notify Google by email to legal-notices@google.com. The notification is treated as received when sending the email. The customer is responsible for maintaining their notification email address throughout the life. „reseller agreement,“ the separate agreement between the customer and the reseller with respect to services. The reseller agreement is independent of and outside the scope of this agreement. The Reuters report also raises concerns about the impact of the agreement on the U.K.-U.S. Cloud Act, which is due to come into force this summer, suggesting it will pose a threat to the data security of Google users in the UK once it is passed from an EU jurisdiction (in this case Ireland) to the US, where the law will apply. 11.15 Full agreement. The agreement provides for all the conditions agreed between the parties and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements between the parties regarding the purpose of the agreement. At the time of the agreement, neither party relied on a declaration, insurance or guarantee (negligence or not) and neither party will have any right or recourse, except that expressly described in the agreement. There is nothing in the agreement that grants the customer the right to use materials, products or services provided to Google customers under a separate license or agreement.

Apart from the rights and responsibilities described in this section (in the event of a problem or disagreement), Google is not responsible for any other losses, unless they are caused by our violation of these conditions or by additional service-specific conditions. „Authorized Use Policies,“ the acceptable usage policy for available services www.google.com/cloud/terms/acceptable-use-policy or any other URL that may be provided by Google. „service-specific conditions,“ the specific conditions of one or more services at cloud.google.com/terms/identity/service-terms. „Additional products“ are products, services and applications that are not part of the services, but can be accessed for use through the administration console or other means. Additional products do not include core services for g Suite, which are offered under a separate agreement. This agreement does not regulate the use of additional products by the customer or its end-users. „Google`s transfer of accounts from the U.K. to the U.S. indicates that they do not believe that the UK will seek or agree on the adequacy of data protection at the end of the transition period. You decide to deal with these headaches now and not later. We must not underestimate the importance of the technology sector`s statement about its confidence in the first Johnson,“ she added. „SLA“ refers to the service level agreement that applies only to the Cloud Identity – Premium edition, which is located at: cloud.google.com/terms/identity/sla.html or any other URL that Google may provide.

„Services,“ applicable cloud identity core services provided by Google and used by the customer in accordance with this agreement. The services are described here: cloud.google.com/terms/identity/user-features.html or any other URLs that Google can provide. 2.3 No personal data. The customer recognizes that Google does not need to process personal data to run the services. The customer will not grant Google access to personal data unless the parties have agreed in a separate agreement on the extent of the work and the terms of Google`s handling of that personal data. „Brand policies“ are Google`s terms and conditions under: www.google.com/permissions/trademark/brand-terms.html.