The cabinet on Wednesday approved the ratification of the partnership agreement between India and France on migration and mobility. The Agreement between India and Mongolia on space cooperation would focus on areas such as space science, technology and applications, including Earth remote sensing, satellite communications and satellite navigation, space science and planetary research, the use of space and space and terrestrial systems, and the application of space technology. Helping citizens to move around in a safe environment in Europe is an important part of the Eastern Partnership, which encourages the mobility of citizens of the EU`s eastern partner countries through visa facilitation agreements and provides rules for managing the return of irregular migrants through readmission agreements. In 2014, the EU and the Republic of Belarus began negotiating visa facilitation and readmission agreements. The mobility partnership between the two countries was signed in October 2016. The Eastern Partnership countries are among the first signatories to mobility partnerships (MPs) with the EU. These partnerships are the most comprehensive framework for bilateral cooperation between the EU and its partners, based on mutual commitments and project initiatives on mobility, migration and asylum, within the framework of the comprehensive approach to migration and mobility (GAMM). The partnership agreement between India and France on migration and mobility will not only help to promote the free movement of people, but also to strengthen cooperation between the two sides on irregular migration and human trafficking, the communication says. Priorities for actions to be implemented under the MPF are set by EU Member States in close cooperation with MP/CAMM partner countries. Following an open call for proposals, public bodies in EU Member States will submit their applications. If the proposed measures are recommended for grants, ICMPD will sign a grant contract with applicants.

Candidates will then take the measure in partnership with the partner country and/or other public bodies of the EU Member States and in accordance with the grant contract. ICMPD will oversee and evaluate the implementation of grant contract activities, based on a well-established methodology and field missions.