These are all great ideas! I appreciate the feedback. I passed the Guide to the River Kingdoms, the new World Guide and wherever I can try to come up with potential sources from which these scenarios can play. Aspis Consortium came to mind as well as PFS, but I thought I`d take the idea of Aspis and go a little deeper when they start to be deeper into the realm of personal computers (with or without the consent of the kingdom). Regional claims and upgrades cost 25% less. This stacks up with the project: Simple requirement. I wanted to share something I invented during Friday`s game. I had to find a verdict on the flight, and when I kept thinking about it, I thought really well and I liked the way it all ended, and I can be used as a template for future scenarios. Andoran Eagle Knights – In search of a slave trader „kriminom“ who fled into the River Kingdoms. Or recruit. Or to want to establish some kind of „message“ to spread their model of free men, and a sanctuary for ex-slaves fleeing into the kingdoms of the river. I thought the PCs would want to act with Varnhold – since they have already established a friendly alliance with the nation – and try to bring the kingdoms closer together by bringing Maegar`s daughter (an NPC supplement I made to the game) to the pcs baron. All current events are listed at the bottom of the screen.

An event can be addressed by the councillor concerned. To assign a task to an advisor, click on the frame to the right of the event map. Responsibleness will act on the basis of their own ideology and nature. It takes time to manage an event, so the advisor will not be available for other official missions. As part of an alliance that personal computers have made with the dwarf leader and his clan, there are obvious commercial things and other things that benefit any kingdom, so I felt that a permanent bonus was acceptable for the realm of personal computers. Kind of like Nixie offers. So what I came up with came up with an idea of a bonus of `2` on one of the statistics realms (their choice), and a bonus to the dwarves a `2` to one of their three statistics. So the PCs took a bonus of 2 at ECON, and the dwarves took a `2` at THE STABILITY. Everything was in flight. It`s the mechanics. The aspect of the story I described was that the dwarves exchange extracted goods to the PCs (i.e.

an increase in their economy), and in exchange, the dwarves asked for the information traffic of personal computers on activity in the stolen countries. Because PCs were much more advanced and had many more connections, dwarves could take advantage of having eyes/ears in the fields to update them because they remain „trapped in their mines,“ as dwarves tend to do. They benefit from each other in an area where they need help. I did something similar. The PCs in my group are earning a `2` in the economy of a trade deal they got with Mivon, and until recently (they just started the third book) they`ve benefited from a `2` to the economy, `2 stability` (but at a `1 consumer cost`) through a trade deal with Varnhold. Defeat Vordakai at Vordakai`s grave in the 4th act with Tristain in your party. I see here some examples of the trade agreements I would like to make, and they are good. Has anyone done anything similar to the other types of situations I want to create? If so, I would like to hear from you so that we can share some ideas/thoughts. Take care of the crazy clergy of Nethys at the Tower of Candlemere during the 2nd Quest: The Curse of Candlemere.

So what I`m getting out of all this is a way to make trade deals with other civilizations around the pc. A bonus on one of the statistics of your choice, and the DM can then generate a good description of what these „negotiated resources“ offer the bonus.