As the GRDC Leasing and Share Farming Land Fact Sheet says, „the weakest ink is better than the best memory“: always document common agriculture and leases. It is recommended that a written agreement be always discussed, clarified and agreed upon by both the landowner and the tenant. If so, a set of data may be provided on the status of the operation when the lease begins or at reasonable intervals during the lease. This must be done jointly by the landlord and tenant. Click on the list below or choose your status on the map above to buy the right deal. Sharing agreements vary and it is important that you are advised by an experienced professional before signing a contract. Leasing can also allow a person to enter agriculture or develop his activities without the high cost of capital of land ownership. We provide this template for land leases in the form of Word document – it`s easy to modify and you can use it over and over again. A sharefarming contract is when the owner provides the land and assets, and the partene farmer provides the work, know-how, fertilizer, if necessary, machinery and marketing. Agricultural waste can be used for pasture, dairy farming, pig farming, poultry farming, viticulture, arboriculture, horticulture, horticulture, market gardening or any other crop, forestry or any combination of these activities. Tenants and landowners have the right to write down the terms of the lease. The use of agreements written by tenants and landlords is strongly encouraged to prevent litigation during the lease.

The appeal in this type of agreement is that the owner of the property benefits from income for not getting work. If the season or prices are bad, the farmer`s share and the owner will suffer a drop in income. Land leasing is defined as a financial agreement in which the land is leased for a longer period of time. Land leasing can provide a steady return to a landowner without having to farm proper. This can be useful if most of your income and obligations require that you are not in the accommodation.