„The feedback from my clients on Nicelabel`s SMA service has been extraordinary. They welcome the rapid response and breadth of the support team`s knowledge, not only about their product, but also about the customer`s IT environment. MPI machines have proven to be robust, as shown by the 98.5 per cent still in use. Finally, these machines must replace components. All components have different life expectancies, but sometimes a component needs to be replaced during the warranty period. Once the warranty expires, MPI wants to work with you to remove guesses from your maintenance budget. The agreement is valid for a period of 12 months after the date of purchase of the product. For the auto and server version of MadeToPrint, a software maintenance contract is required for the first year after the purchase. In some circumstances, it may be possible to take an ADM at a later date. For more information, please contact: sales@axaio.com The service and maintenance contract covers all of our MIKE products and gives you access to additional products and services such as.B.: By combining Parts Advantage and Advantage Laboratory, you benefit from both plans and have full maintenance coverage for your MPI devices. Licensing fees based on a rental or subscription agreement include the services described in the software maintenance contract during their lifetime.

MPI laboratory advantage plan covers the cost of labor needed to diagnose and correct defects. Computers eligible for this plan must be covered by a preventative maintenance program (frequency defined by usage statistics) implemented by IPI staff or a licensed global service provider for global service networks. Authorized computers must have laser functions that allow MPI to attempt to diagnose and resolve the problem, if necessary, by a remote connection. Technical assistance for work and telephone services for the diagnosis of a problem, the implementation of corrective measures and the installation of spare components is included in this plan. Travel expenses are not included. The annual fee for a software maintenance contract is 20% of the price of the product list. Customers with a software maintenance contract (ADM) have the right to receive advice and advice by phone and email during normal working hours. SMA support comes in the form of the best possible solutions and can manage short-term work solutions and/or the provision of product modifications or documentation.

During the term of the agreement, additional product licences may be purchased at quantitative prices on the basis of the current price list.