The following models aim to facilitate the exchange of human or veterinary materials or resources between academic institutions in Switzerland. A researcher may use research funds to purchase equipment as long as the material is required to complete the project and the costs are an eligible expense under the budget approved with the main sponsor. Can students search with the material they get? A hardware transfer contract (MTA) is a contract between the hardware supplier and the recipient. It licenses the recipient for the use of proprietary material and ensures that both parties understand how materials can be used. Can I use funds from a research agreement to obtain material from third parties? In most cases, this model is appropriate without modification. Marked fields must be filled. Changes are needed in some settings. If necessary, specific legal advice should be obtained. Yes, under the supervision of the Principal Investigator (PI), students can conduct research with the material obtained. All project participants are required to read the MTA and sign an agreement on confidential information and intellectual property („CIIP“) regarding the MTA.

The proprietary information or materials to be transmitted can usually be defined. The transfer date can also be set. For more information and a complete list of current partners with links to cooperation agreements, see the Chemical Security Research Cooperation Agreements. SBP Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Models provide for the transfer and use of biological materials or biological resources (i.e. biological materials and associated data) provided by a supplier to a non-profit third party wishing to use this material for research purposes. The models will be used by swiss Biobanking Platform (SBP) partners who adhere to the principles of governance of current ethical and legal requirements and comply with professional biobanking standards as set out in their biobanking regulations. Their use is limited to exchanges between academic institutions and is not suitable for exchanges between for-profit organizations. A material transfer agreement documents proprietary information, equipment or materials that are transferred between the parties for the applied research project, when they are to be transferred, under what conditions, when and how the material is returned to its owner (if this is the case).