For all ENTRETMENT CONDITIONS, click this LIEN For instructions for entering a maintenance request, click here. For signage or advertising issues, please refer to the Advertising and Lease Line Guide below – Please note that the Walmart Emergency Operations Centre`s telephone number in your rental agreement may have been incorrect. The correct number for notifying Walmart of an alleged or actual loss of customer data or a breach or endangerment of the Tenant`s Information Security Program is (479) 273-4516. For more information, see the manual for landlords and tenants. We look forward to your interest in renting land in our Walmart stores. Below is the first process to learn about renting storage space:1. Look for the shop and space you want to rent in this card 2 feature. Check the landlord and tenant manual to ensure that your business model can meet general business requirements3. Fill out the „New Customer Business Summary“ form.