13.1 Placement UK ensures that it has the expertise to provide the services provided in this agreement and that it provides them in accordance with the highest professional standards using qualified, experienced and trained staff. 15.2 If a candidate remains on an internship or internship for longer than the originally agreed duration, a monthly fee of USD 199 – VAT is charged for each month or part of it. Example 2: „unpaid intern“ with the promise of paid work of students who work as a necessary part of a British training or higher education course 16.1 None of the parties can, with the prior written agreement of the other party (not to be unduly conditional, withheld or delayed), transfer, transfer, mortgage, mortgage or, in one way or another, that agreement or its rights and obligations arising from that agreement (or document). , to which this agreement refers), to yield, transfer, mortgage or, in any way, with this agreement or any of its rights and obligations arising from that agreement (or a document referred to in this agreement) or to claim to do the same. 1.2 Clauses, game plans and paragraph titles have no influence on the interpretation of this agreement. 17.1 This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces and removes all previous drafts, agreements, agreements and agreements between them, either in writing or orally, with respect to their purpose. 17.2 Each party agrees not to have corrective action with respect to insurance or coverage (innocent or negligent) that is not defined in this agreement. Each party accepts that its sole responsibility applies to insurance and guarantees (innocent or unwise) in the event of an infringement, with respect to the insurance and guarantees provided in this agreement. 3.5 Any changes to services, royalties or other aspects of the contract that result are confirmed in writing. Otherwise, the current rules apply. 17.3 An amendment to this Agreement is only valid if it is signed in writing and signed by each of the parties (or their authorized representatives). Example 5: work experience of less than one year in a course In these cases, you should talk to your school placement coordinator to discuss the placement agreement application.

If the internship is a formal part of your course, the university can enter into an placement contract, but this is done at the school level, as they take responsibility for the follow-up of your internship and there may be insurance subject to the insurance that the university must provide you. In addition to the generic insurance documents uh mentioned above, all cases must be subscribed. Form A must be completed by the host company, which confirms that it has a health and safety directive; conducted a risk assessment Employers and liability insurance covering the student; informed their insurers of the presence of the students; Training and protective clothing are provided. UH in case of injury, etc.