Printed copies of the 2017-2021 Workers` Academic Collective Agreement have been distributed to all current full-time faculties. Fanshawe will provide a copy of the partially contaminated faculty at the beginning of his next contract. 15.34 – Where this Article 15 provides for a time limit for reviewing a member`s mandate, the Board of Directors and members involved in the proceedings or participants in the proceedings take appropriate steps to ensure that the deadline can be met. However, if there are appropriate reasons, the decision period and the possibility of extending the appointment of the member may be determined by the association committee, in agreement with the parties. However, the person who needs the renewal must, in due course, communicate to the procedural member the appropriate reasons and communications regarding the renewal application to the Board of Directors and the CBA. 27.05 – At the request of the association or the Senate, the Board of Directors establishes an independent Financial Advisory Board consisting of a member appointed by the Board of Directors, a member appointed by the association and a president elected by those two members. If a president is not elected within 10 days, S. Bruce Outhouse or someone chosen by him will act as president. A collective agreement between Dalhousie University`s Board of Directors and the Dalhousie Faculty Association 2017-2020 26.04 – Measures to push back, to mitigate or avoid the state of financial constraints may include encouraging members to accept: voluntary leave, voluntary early retirement, voluntary reduction of responsibilities and corresponding salary or voluntary separation, provided that a member and the board of directors are admitted before such an agreement. : The manner in which severance pay is paid is carried out with the consent of the member and the board of directors, subject to any applicable law or regulation. 29.30 – The deadlines set for this Article 29 may be extended in writing by mutual agreement between the association and the board of directors in the particular case. The sole arbitrator or the arbitration body has the power to end the non-compliance with deadlines.

14.06 – Part-time members must complete the fraction of the full-time work they perform in their letter of appointment. The Dean or Vice-President consults with the President, Chief or Director before such a group is defined. If the duration of the employment is less than 12 months, the fraction and the period are indicated. Any change to such a fraction or delay, which may be temporary or permanent, must be acceptable to the member and the board of directors and confirmed in writing.