If the lender agrees to register as a lender to Assalam. I`m looking for a salesman for my shop in Pontian Johor. my vapors 0127344236. I hope everyone can give a spirit. I don`t know what you`re going to do. FV (supposedly the glamorous name of Favouritas Vendor) was only found last year. FV is now in an effort to become one of the shop providers. In Besut-Jerteh, there are already a few shops that have concepts like this… But this time, the FV tried to make the FV shop booming… No matter what it takes, careful planning and a strong start… The FV xmau joint venture is not only as common as the road, but lasts as long.

Indeed, the purpose of opening the sales shop itself is to help new and existing merchants to market their products in addition to the use of the online platform. The sellers` shops are usually opened by a merchant who also owns the shop and brings other vending products to the shop. We already have a letter saying that the shop has changed to Bangi Sir and that the new master wants to use our shop space now. meaning? We should be looking for a new location before the end of next month. If the seller pulls less than 3 months, if a shop to open a lot of things to consider. First of all, kebaya camp is limited because on the site there are more than 600 clothes design Kebaya nyonya with 7 size options. However, most customers will be pre-ordered. You know, before you do business online. So you can`t keep too many stocks.

When opening a shop, there must be a lot of warehouses and products. When people buy Kebaya, you have to adapt with the cloth, the broth, the hood, the pants and so on. Your customers about your existence in our Salam sis shop, I would ask the Ada seller here, he asked for an RM 100 rent with 5% commission for food sellers. The 5% commission is mcm mn ye sis? Is it normal for him or her to take a rent-commission? I started joining the salesman here. Notice May 03, 2019 I asked ifs ttng reviews sis x story…. Thanks for referring and chatting with mrs. Nazz shop owner Vendor mmg ok when there is a sale. But for dry foods, usually not close to no selling sword. But the payment has yet to be paid. It is therefore a burden to expand the business with the average capital.

Mgkin seller shop due by commission. It`s just a proprietary seller making a small sketch correctly. Y`all. If not long ago duk promote his business only. The seller of cureng products is to promote n want to avoid dry foods. cyan lak at these suppliers. The end is the payment of the rent. The room is very clean and clean. Stay 1 night in December 2019 No matter which seller shop is good, but must be taken into account by the bg dry food commission which is profitable I don`t know. It`s the same as other cases. The US-slm.sy looking for suppliers in booths. U k expo mega raya putrajaya…

Court decision. 01114307812 wsap 3. Before we start renting the bazaar land/sales ground/store lot, we must observe according to a good agreement on the part of the owner.