I learned a tip to save money with Comcast, but not until I call to stop. I told the Rep that their service was too expensive, and one of the reasons was that I was paying $45 a month to rent all his cable boxes and remote controls. She said, “Well, you can return all your boxes, buy streaming boxes, namely Roku, Chromecast, etc. and install the Xfinity app on them.” My opinion had already been made to cancel, but it would have been good if one of the other representatives mentioned that the other 8 times I called over the years to reduce my rate. I paid nearly $500 a year to rent their stuff. I`m definitely not going back, Hulu Live has everything I want to see for $39.95. In the past, I had written a very old article on Get Rich Slowly, which showed how to reduce their comcast bill – and that gave the chat transcript that reduced my costs by 33%. This contribution is obsolete because no one has had much luck with his live chat team in recent years. Maybe Comcast`s management read this post and decided to “harden” the live chat team? For the voice.

Except as described below, you can use Voice with your Inside Wiring phone as long as we have proper access and you have the right to give us access to it. If you want to connect your modem to your Inside Wiring phone, the installation is recommended by our technician. We need to separate your Inside Wiring phone from your existing phone operator`s network to use the Inside Wiring phone, which allows you to disable all the services you receive from them. If your modem is connected to your phone in the wiring without first separating the network connection of an existing telephone operator, the modem may be damaged and/or the voice may not work properly. I started talking to someone about my bill and I expressed my concern that the costs would become too high and that AT-T and DirectTV would offer much lower prices. Plus, I`ve been at Comcast for over 15 years and I didn`t find it fair that new customers have much lower prices than loyal customers. I was able to reduce our bill. We have a double salary… and don`t watch hbo every day, so decided to get the basic double game. Hbo is blocked. The bill is expected to be reduced from 121 to 111.

For 12 months. Hope can renew the service next year at the same price. Will monitor our bill because we don`t trust comcast You can avoid ETFs by using a no-contract – or non-agreement – package. But because it`s about $20 more a month than contract plans, there`s always a cost here. Talk to your Xfinity agent to decide which deal works best for your situation. Not a 20 something, but tried this advice today and they tapped my monthly bill down about 35, while adding extra channels etc. Thank you for advising me. They were negotiating without the usual race. The cost of the Xfinity Internet starts with the introductory price, plus taxes and fees.