The question of whether a plant should be allocated to the contractor when awarding a plant, or whether the contractor should enter into an agreement or be concluded with the contractor? Contracts are usually signed with the contractor when the term of the contract is long and there is a chance that many things (for example. B taxes, customs duties, prices, etc.) may change during the performance of the contract. Agreements are signed to ensure that such disputes do not occur and that both parties still have recourse. However, it may take some time to sign an agreement, as it must be subject to a legal review to ensure that all the terms of the initial offer, the final declaration after the tender, the terms, the price negotiation, etc., are well defined in the agreement. It may take one to two months To start work immediately, the contractor usually mandates the contractor so that the contractor can mobilize, order equipment, etc. The conditions of the working regulations are the same as those of the agreement, but the errors, omissions, etc., found in the work instruction, can be corrected in the concordance phase. The successful bidder does not execute a stamp paper contract under the law for the performance of the contract before the date indicated for the purpose of the declaration of intent or in the order of work. Enter here what you do for the customer. This offer can be withdrawn within days if it is not accepted by the customer. Any changes to the specifications or costs are only accepted if an approved contract amendment is submitted and agreed and signed by both parties.

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