> 1. After the implementation of this agreement, the parties receive a company on behalf of M/s. … Ltd., (and what name is approved by the Registrar of Companies at ……. ) with the Registrar referred to under the Indian Companies Act 1956, with respect to the memorandum and statutes in the form of projects approved by the parties and in accordance with the other requirements of that registration. Quality tests: In the factory, an inspector can perform a large number of tests to check the quality of each part. Depending on what you produce, this may include tests for seam strength, color transmission and elastic restoration. If customers find out that you are using a factory that treats their employees poorly, they may be reluctant to buy from you. 2. to take all necessary measures to fully implement the provisions of this agreement, and 9. In the event that a director has left his position at any time for any reason, the vacancy will be filled by the appointment of the party whose designated director has left his position for above reasons.

A. In the event that the necessary government authorities` approvals for the manufacture of this joint venture and/or the necessary authorizations for the manufacture of the product and other related materials are not obtained within three (3) months from the date of this agreement or another deadline, the parties may give their consent. or 26. This agreement is binding on the parties and for their respective successors and beneficiaries, but any transfer of the agreement by one party is not effective without the written agreement of the other party, which was given and obtained in the first place. The exact conditions you choose depend on the location of your plant; There is a good chance that many foreign producers will not be able to comply with U.S. standards. d. in the event that one of the parties is placed into voluntary or forced liquidation, or meets with its creditors or restructures or does something that substantially alters its business unit to the point of prejudice to that joint venture and/or agreement; or your consent should explain these factors in plain language. In this way, there is no confusion as to quantities and time frames.

9.1 You agree to release us from any claim, injury, loss, expense or cost (including direct, indirect or subsequent damages, loss of profits and reputational losses, as well as all interest, penalties and legal costs and other costs) and to keep us free of any form resulting from the unauthorized use of an image you have made available to you or any other violation of your obligations arising from that agreement. 2.2 You agree to be bound by all the terms of this Agreement when you set up your user account with us and confirm your consent to these terms and conditions every time you download an image, log in or enter into a user agreement. We also often see problems that could be avoided by entering into a manufacturing contract in advance when a customer is dissatisfied with its current Chinese producer and wishes to relocate production to a new supplier`s plant. 29. The parties may receive amendments to the company`s by-law to bring them in line with the terms of this agreement.