In the case of the Collective Review, Trade and Purchase Agreement (AV) and the Collective Agreement (LA) provided for by the agreements, this leave is earned and used from the 2002-2003 fiscal year. No no. In the agreements signed so far, for example, travel related to courses, training, technical conferences and seminars does not count for this type of leave. Exceptions are also provided for staff of the General Labour and Trades Group (GL) and the Technical and Scientific Assistance Group (EC) in the Sea Lamprey Control units under Schedule I of the SV and TC agreements. In addition, Schedules C, L and S of the TC agreement provide that the travel item (which includes travel status leave) is not applicable. Click on the link below for answers to frequently asked questions about the implementation of collective agreements: the week ended with an interim agreement signed by Rogers Council President and Ted Leindecker, the Ministry of Finance negotiator. The interim agreement will be submitted for approval by Council delegates and member unions at an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday 2 May. If adopted, the interim agreement will be distributed to all staff working under the SR (W) collective agreement for consideration and a ratification vote will be held in the near future. Dockyard Council delegates and shop stewards gathered on April 10, 2017 for training. The instructor was Richard MacIntosh, international representative of the Boilermakers Union. These included the history of the Council, the initiation to the collective agreement and the investigation into dysfunctions.

Nora Johnson, Head of Employment Assistance Program (EAP) at CFB Esquimalt, spoke about how EAP is able to create a multitude of resources for employees in the event of personal problems. Each participant broadened their knowledge of how to better represent their brothers and sisters in the shipyard. The earned credits, which are not used until the end of the period set by the corresponding collective agreement, must be paid in accordance with the countervailing leave section of the current collective agreement. The schedule below relates only to the new collective agreement of the FI community. The Phoenix Compensation Agreement, which applies to union members represented by 16 of the 17 public service unions, plus employees and unrepresented executives, includes additional leave, a more comprehensive approach to reimbursement of a-pocket costs and compensation for individuals with more serious cases, as well as provisions for reimbursement of sick leave used in phoenix. The various departments will carry out the checks to ensure that leave forms are completed and that leave earned but not used is paid at the right time, in accordance with the corresponding collective agreement. For more information on the timing of the introduction of the Phoenix damages contract, click here: