(d) with the exception of a third country pension taken into account under point (e) or in accordance with paragraph 3 of this article, benefits payable under Australian social security legislation are not taken into account; and a waiting period for newcomers (NARWP) also applies to most social security payments. For more information, see Residence Criteria The agreement allows people entering Australia on a Special Class Visa (CVS) with a New Zealand passport to access certain social security benefits. 3. Where a resident based in Australia is eligible for an Australian benefit under this agreement or in any other way, the person`s Australian benefit rate is zero as a result of the application of Section 13, paragraph 2, point (c), only he is considered to be the beneficiary of an Australian benefit under Article 1, paragraph 1, point b), and may be eligible for , therefore, obtain relevant and applicable concessions under Australian social security law. (b) the application of the income review to the maximum benefit rate set by the Australian Social Security Act, using the amount of the person calculated in accordance with point a); conditions for the exchange of information for social security purposes (i) in the case of a single person, the maximum amount of the benefit (deducted from a percentage agreed from time to time in writing by the competent authorities and published in the New Zealand scoreboard) to be paid to a person living alone under New Zealand social security law; and (a) the amount of this benefit is not an additional benefit or allowance that would have to be paid under New Zealand`s social security law if that person were established in New Zealand; Unless provided for in this agreement, the persons to whom this agreement applies are treated equally by each of the contracting parties with respect to the rights and obligations arising from that party`s social security law, or as a result of this agreement. 2. If a person is entitled to a New Zealand benefit in accordance with paragraph 1, the amount payable is calculated in accordance with New Zealand`s social security law.