Stamp duty is classified according to judicial and extrajudicial functions. While judicial stamp duty, better known as a judicial commission, is a fee that is imposed on the parties to the trial, stamp duty on real estate transactions falls into the category of extrajudicial taxes, as it is a one-time payment on the value of the transaction. In most countries, most stamp tax revenue comes from transportation or sales taxes. The terrace area allocated with the dwelling must also be taken into account in calculating the assessment of the land. In the case of the terrace adjacent to the apartment, 40% of the value of the pre-recconer is multiplied by the surface and if the terrace is above the respective apartment, then 25% of the value of the pre-recconer by the surface. In addition to real estate values, several other factors also determine the stamp duty that the buyer must pay when registering the sales documents. This includes: In some cases, to save stamp duty, people show an undervalued house price, in agreement. The government is suffering a loss of revenue as a result of such tax evasion. Step 2 – Choose the type of property applicable among all types of property listed (e.g.B. the property is an apartment or land, a house or a building or a building or a business) Also for India, what is the amount of tax to be paid when buying a home or resale? Yes, the value of the stamp tax is a minimum reference or a circular rate below which registration cannot be made. In Mumbai, India, when I go to buy the apartment, then every broker/seller talks about “flat cost” and “agreement value.” I don`t know what the difference is between them. Homebuyers must organize stamp duty and registration fees on their own resources, as banks do not take these expenses into account when assessing the cost of the property. Thus, banks lend only 80% of the value of real estate.

In addition, banks use their own methods to assess real estate. This means that if a property is sold for Rs 1 Kern, the bank cannot lend 80 Lakhs or 80% of the money if it finds in its valuation that the property is valued at only 90 Lakhs. In this case, it will issue 80% of the 90-Rus, i.e. 72-Rs.- as real estate credit. In this case, it is the buyer`s responsibility to arrange the balance at the same time as stamp duty and registration fees. This means that even if the buyer in Delhi has to spend almost Rs 1.06 Crores as a total price to buy and save a house worth Rs 1 crore, the bank will only grant him Rs 72 Lakhs as a loan. – If Rs.37 Lakes is worth the stamp tax, don`t worry. If Rs.42 lakes is worth stamp duty, then the Rs.5 lakes will be considered revenue from other sources. If you say that 42 lakh is a circular rate/tax value on the stamp, then you must display the difference as your income u/s 56, otherwise you will face a review in the future. How is stamp duty in Maharashtra calculated based on discounts and premiums on finished billing rates? Suppose Kumar decided to register this property in the name of his wife Gita Rani. Then they have to pay the Rs 2 Lakhs as a stamp duty, since the tax applicable to women buyers in Delhi is 4%. At 1% of the value of the agreement, the registration fee remains the same for Gita Rani.

The total outgo in this case will therefore be Rs 2.50 Lakhs. In this method, the agreement is printed on ordinary paper. This document is submitted to an authorized bank that processes documents through a frankier machine. Authorized banks stamp the proof of purchase of real estate or set a unit value. This proves that stamp duty was paid for the transaction. The value of the transaction is the single most important factor on which stamp duty is levied on a real estate transaction.