There may be exceptions in limited cases where these two requirements are not met. When an employer attempts to include a profession that is not considered “qualified” for this purpose, an important business case must be advanced, and it must also be in the national interest. Permission must also be obtained directly from the Minister of Immigration. If the proposed occupation is already involved under the TSS appointment program, an application for an employment contract should only be made if the employer wishes to obtain a concession for the standard requirements applicable to the designated occupation. You can use a typical employment contract if there is one for your sector or for your worker`s occupation. If the model does not meet your needs, it may be possible to negotiate an individual agreement. The work agreements are not intended for broad application, but are designed to be used in limited or exceptional cases where standard visa programs are not available. It applies to the following qualified migration visas: In summary, the discussion above provides an overview of the requirements and procedures associated with applying for a qualified visa as part of the employment contract stream, both for employers and for potential visa applicants they wish to name. In order to designate a foreign worker for a temporary or permanent visa under an employment contract, the employer must be a party to the agreement. An employer can then appoint a foreign worker: it is your responsibility to read it carefully before signing your employment contract. A specific employment contract is developed directly with an employer and is considered only in the event of a real shortage of skills or labour for a occupation that is not already provided for in an industry contract or in a project or surface migration contract.

The terms of an individual agreement are considered on a case-by-case basis. Employers must continue to demonstrate the continuing need for the labour market instead of simply transferring temporary visa holders into permanent residence.