The planned conference will be a one-day event and consists of conferences/conferences of experts from the SAARC region as well as external experts from the SAARC region to share their experiences with these regional energy frameworks. The event is aimed at government officials from relevant ministries, policy makers, energy professionals and universities in ASACR member states. Recognising the importance of electricity for economic growth and improving the quality of life, the Saarc Framework Agreement for Energy Cooperation (Electricity) was signed in 2014. The adoption of this agreement is a decisive step towards a regional market for electricity from AESAC. The main objectives of this agreement are to improve the availability of electricity throughout the region and to facilitate the integrated operation of the regional electricity grid. December 5, 2016 On 5 December 2016, the Indian government issued discriminatory guidelines for cross-border electricity exchanges, despite the Indo-Nepal Power Trade Framework Agreement, the November 2014 Cross Border Transmission and Grid Connectivity Agreement and the SAARC Framework Agreement on Energy Cooperation (Electricity) of November 2014. The guidelines provide a single preferential authorization for all companies wishing to hold 51% or more of Indian ownership wishing to export electricity from Nepal to India. All other agencies, according to the guidelines, should submit on a case-by-case basis. Historically, these unilateral actions have always been India`s modus operandi. Despite the regular regional cooperation that India preaches, Nepal, like the Tanakpur and Laxmanpur barricades, will have to accept India`s discriminatory directives of December 2016 as a fait accompli! The report, the concept document, the final agenda and the presentations at the video conference are available on the links below: the reason is to allow cross-border electricity exchanges between South Asian countries. Progress has been made in the development of the bilateral electricity link between some SAARC Member States, but there is no regional interconnection yet. Saarc Energy Centre, Islamabad organized a successful video conference on The “Roadmap for the Implementation of SAARC Framework Agreement on Energy Cooperation (Electricity) on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 from 1100 to 1430 hours.