Forged rental income can be taken by income tax officers and you may have to pay penalties with the income tax due. Check the rental agreement, the PAN number should be mentioned. Let`s find out the taxable income of Aditya`s father before we receive rent and after receiving the rent from Aditya. I`m a defense employee. My wife and I will stay in our workplace in government-provided housing. She pays the rent of a house (in different cities) for her parents by paying money each month. But the lease of his parents` house is in his father`s name. Can she claim this rent under the HRA for income tax purposes? If so, can you help me with the rules? HRA or home rental allowance is the most common allowance received by employees. Those who live off rent can save taxes via HRA. Hello Sir, is it possible to claim HRA without a rental contract? 2 are in an apartment, but the owner is not ready to include 2 names in the rental agreement, so how can the second person claim HRA? Good morning. I need that information.

I am a research researcher who receives my GATE fellowship at the Government X Institute. My spouse gets the same thing in the central government. Institute Y. We are not CENTRAL GOVT. EMPLOYEES. If I lived married to my spouse in their institute hostel, am I allowed to get HRA? Please share an official document on this request. Hello stay in rented government neighborhoods I can have the HRA exception or not? Now, with clearTax HRA, let`s see how much HRA will be released if Aditya decides to pay rent to her parents. Saving taxes as a family – By presenting rental income and paying it, you can apply for an HRA exemption.

Your parents can deduct property taxes and claim a 30% deduction on rental income. If they are in a lower tax bracket than yours, the family can save tax as a whole. If they are over 60, they also have a higher minimum income allowance (Rs.3 Lakh for people over 60 and Rs.5 Lakh for people over 80). If you don`t have taxable income, you can save significant taxes as a family. I highly recommend having a lease if you pay rent to your wife or parents, as it helps prove the agreement between the landlord and the tenant. I am a govt collaborator I have earned my house and I live in. But this is a project area that I`m not in the rent district. hra I work at Central Govt.

Organization. I was asked for the allocation of Govt accommodation in April 2019. But I have not yet received a letter of attribution from the Concern Authority (Qtr) (jun 2019). Now I stay outside with my family in a monthly rent base (Clean expenses). I asked for a quarter to assign the broadcast director for the release “no certificate of availability”, but he denies it because Qtrs are currently vacant. Now I`m not interested in staying in govt hosting. The problem is that after submitting the “No Availability Certificate (NAC),” I will receive HRA (Home Rent Allowance). Question 1. Govt employees mandatory stay in a Govt accommodation, if qtrs are free? 2.

How is my HRA drawn without NAC? Pl Upload-Directive, if so, you can show the HRA receipt and claim. I hope the agreement is on your behalf. Simply put, if the annual rent is higher than Rs. 1 Lakh, then the employee must report the owner`s part details to the employer. If the owner does not have a NAP, the owner must provide an explanation at the same time as his name and address. Please note that if the worker is staying in his own house or does not pay rent, he is not entitled to the aforementioned exemption. The husband and wife can apply for the HRA exemption proportionally, but they cannot pay the full rent to the landlord. Some people create false rental income and try to claim HRA for tax exemption.