In addition, if the Registrar participated in the Registrar`s Accreditation Agreement adopted by ICANN in 2009 (the “RAA 2009”) if, Immediately prior to the implementation of this addendum registry, he participated in the Registrar`s Accreditation Agreement adopted by ICANN in 2009 (RAA 2009) may use its current form of registration of the registration contract until January 1, 2014, provided that this agreement is in accordance with Section 3.7.7 of the 2009 RAA. The Registrar`s Access Agreement requires the third party to agree not to use the data to otherwise authorize, permit or support marketing activities, regardless of the medium used. These media include email, phone, fax, mail, SMS and wireless notifications, but are not limited to that. For the calendar year that ended December 31, 2013, any certification required under Section 3.15 does not require certification with respect to compliance with transitional provisions and may recognize the authorized use of the filer registration agreement in accordance with Section 2. 1.3.5. Procedure to avoid interruptions in domain name registration due to suspension or termination of operation by a registrar or registrar, including procedures for assigning liability between registered name registrars who are sponsored in a TLD by a registrar who loses accreditation; and prior to the ICANN meeting in Costa Rica, the RAA negotiating team presented a summary of the RAA negotiations on 1 March 2012. The RAA negotiating team and ICANN stated that they had almost reached agreement on the majority of the topics discussed during the 13 negotiating sessions, both in principle and in language. The summary of the RAA negotiations is available here. The Cervantes Institute collects an annual accreditation fee for the amount that will be published on its website in January of each year.

3.7.7 The Registrar requires all registered name holders to enter into an electronic or paper registration contract with the Registrar containing at least the provisions of subsections to and which sets out in the agreement the conditions for registering a domain name sponsored by the Registrar. The holder of the registered name with which the Registrar enters into a registration contract must be a natural or legal person other than the Registrar, provided that the Registrar may be the holder of the registered name for domains registered for the purpose of performing its registration services. agreement, as well as specifications and guidelines.