You can voluntarily agree with your employees to change certain aspects of the regulations, such as. B as the right to rest and breaks. A labour agreement is an agreement between the employer and its workers on the application of certain provisions of the 1998 Working Time Code (SI 1998/1833). A working time agreement must be concluded in writing, be effective for a specified period (maximum five years) and apply either to all workers or to all workers belonging to a particular group, with the exception of workers whose terms of employment are provided for by a collective agreement. It must have been distributed in the project to all the workers to whom it applies, as well as instructions to help them understand it. It must be signed before it is signed either by all workers` representatives, or by a certain group of workers, or by all representatives or by the majority of workers employed by the employer if the employer has 20 or fewer employees. The law allows you to negotiate employment contracts on certain issues. Any collective or labour agreement that purports to terminate an adult worker`s right to opt out of the 48-hour week is null and void. The Community Workers` Agreements (EDCs) are an effective and effective tool for a number of reasons. Negotiations on a CWA bring together construction unions and the works council, in collaboration with the user/owner of the project, the general contractor and local organizations, in order to jointly develop the conditions of the project.

These agreements define the conditions under which construction unions agree not to strike or to eliminate work. Local authorities have seen these agreements as an added value for projects that must guarantee public investment. They help avoid delays, maintain workplace safety and ensure quality construction products that all help protect taxpayers` investments when public money funds part or all of the project. Note that the 48-hour working time limit cannot be changed by the agreement of the workers. However, individuals may choose to work beyond the 48-hour limit. This option is commonly referred to as an opt-out and must be written and signed by the worker. However, employers and workers` representatives can, through an employment agreement, agree on objective reasons for fixed-term contracts, which will be extended beyond four years in order to remain fixed-term. An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and its employees whose terms of employment are not covered by a collective agreement. A collective agreement is entered into between the employer and an independent union recognized by that employer. Over the past decade, municipal employment contracts have proven to be one of the best ways to set strong employment quality standards for government-funded or subsidized construction projects and to develop a plan to hire and hire low-income workers for these projects. A communal employment contract consists of a project employment contract that includes a targeted recruitment scheme to bring low-income workers into the construction career. The law sets certain minimum conditions for parental leave, but you can – through a collective agreement – agree on your own parental leave system with your staff.

If there are no pre-existing representatives, you must choose the employee representatives to negotiate the employment contract with you. Workers with young or disabled children have the right to take unpaid leave to care for these children. If you have access to a newspaper through a company or association, read the instructions below If you have access to a magazine through a company or association, please consult your association newspaper, choose an article to post it and follow the instructions in that field.