This evaluation licensing agreement for the evaluation of OAG products (the „contract“) is concluded and concluded by and between OAG („OAG“) and you („customer“) of Section 5 below. If you agree, declare and guarantee, on behalf of a company such as your employer, that you: (i) have the full power to bind the company to this agreement, (ii) have read and understood this agreement and (iii) approve the terms of that agreement on behalf of that organization. If you do not have full authority to hire such an entity or if you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not click the „I accept“ button below. This agreement governs the customer`s use of OAG (product) products selected in the online registration document („product“) and the data contained in the product („data“) provided by oAG to the customer. This contract is valid from the date you receive an email from OAG confirming that access to the product is available (the „effective date“). (A) You cannot rent, rent, lend, broadcast or sublicensing the software. You can only copy the software to create archival copies or backups, provided that the backup copy contains all the property or property references contained in the original. You should not copy the corresponding product documentation. You cannot modify, redevelop, decompinize or disassemble the Software unless the above restrictions are expressly prohibited by current legislation. CONSIDERING that licensees provide markets, licenses and other services with an offer of „as-a-service software“ that allows subscribers, among other things, to use the PlanGrid field cooperation platform, as described in more detail in the SOF (the „PlanGrid Service“); 10.2. Remedies. If the use of the Ververica product is linked in whole or in part or if Ververica wishes to minimize its potential liability under this agreement (including, but not limited to, one of its third-party distributors), Ververica may, at its sole discretion, replace either (a) functional and non-injurious versions of the Ververica product or part of it; (b) amend the object that violates the law so that it is no longer prejudiced but equivalent; (c) to obtain, at Ververica`s expense, the right to continue to use this cause; or (d) Ververica may remove these injurious objects or objects, terminate all or part of this license. 2.

Duration of agreement. Your license is valid until you are terminated by Kony (at Kony`s sole discretion and without Kony`s notice). The license will automatically cease if you do not comply with any of the restrictions or other requirements described here. If the software is discontinued, you will stop using the software and destroy all or part of the software. 2.2. Restrictions. Subject to the client`s binding rights under current legislation, the customer is not: a) transfer, sublicensing, transfer, lease, lease or distribution of his rights to the Ververica product, provided, however, that the customer retains the right to sublicensit, transfer, lease or distribute the Ververica product to his group companies, subject to the requirements and limitations of this agreement. , provided that the customer remains entitled to sublicensing, transfer, leasing or distribution of the Ververica product. sublicensing and distribution of the Ververica product to its group companies, subject to the requirements and limitations of this agreement, provided that the customer is responsible for these group companies and their compliance with this agreement; (b) to wear, translate, locate, modify or create derivative works based on the Ververica product or Ververica documentation; (c) dismantling, decompiling, dorsal engineering, translation or any other attempt to deduce or obtain the source code, ideas, algorithms, structure or organization of the Ververica product; (d) copy or duplicate the Ververica product (except to create a copy only for archival purposes); (e) use the Ververica product for third parties, including a service office, time allocation or third-party training; or (f) T benchmark