(3) All contractual rights and general intangible assets that are now in possession or acquired below: including, but not exclusively, trade funds, licensing agreements, franchise agreements, plans, drawings, orders, customer lists, route lists, violations, rights, software, software, computer channels, computer tapes , literature, reports, catalogues, registration fees, income tax refunds, intangible payments, non-commercial payments, insurance payments and rights of any type acquired in good standing ( 4. NONCIRCUMVENTION. The Company hereby undertakes and accepts that, by amending its by-laws, its statutes or by a reorganization, the transfer of assets, consolidation, merger, plan of agreement, dissolution, issuance or sale of securities or other voluntary measures, the company will not prevent or attempt to avoid compliance with or enforcement of any of the provisions of this system, and , at any time, in good faith, will carry out all the provisions of this system and will take all measures to avoid compliance with or comply with any of the conditions of this warrant and to protect the rights of the holder. Without limiting the universality of the above, the Company (i) does not increase the face value of the common stock applications in the exercise of that warrant above the prevailing exercise price at the time; (ii) take all necessary or appropriate measures to enable the company to effectively and legally issue fully paid and non-valuable common shares in the exercise of this warrant. and (iii) the number of common shares, to the extent that one of the share warrants has not yet been issued, to take all necessary measures to reserve and hold their shares of authorized and unso)-issued common shares, solely for the purpose of the exercise of warrants, so that the number of common shares is required from time to time to carry out the exercise of the SE guarantees then in progress (without taking into account any restrictions on the exercise). (k) become an investment company or an investment company controlled by an investment company under the Investment Companies Act 1940, or as one of its major activities that extend credits to the purchase or acquisition of marginal shares, or use the proceeds of a loan for that purpose; do not meet the minimum funding requirements of the 1974 Employment Income Security Act, and its rules, as amended from time to time (ERISA), allow for a notifiable event or prohibited transaction to take place within the meaning of ERISA; does not contravene the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act or violate other laws or regulations if it can reasonably be considered that the infringement has a significant negative effect on the activity or operation of borrowers, or can reasonably be considered to result in a significant negative change, or if one of its subsidiaries is authorized to do so. CONSIDERING that the parent company`s board of directors and the members of the company have stated, with respect to the above, that the parent company`s board of directors has received a notice of fairness from an independent financial advisor or a nationally reputable investment bank, a copy of which has been provided to the company, indicating that the transactions contemplated here are fair to the shareholders of the parent company from a financial point of view. that this agreement is wise, fair and in the best interests of the shareholders of the parents or members of the company and that it has authorized this transfer, exchange and contribution and the terms set out in this agreement.