… The liver`s ability to neutralize toxins in the blood is reduced. Liver cirrhosis is not treatable, but treatment can be done to reduce the effects of cirrhosis of the liver, such as vomiting of the blood, ascites and yellow eyes. 4.4. Gallstones are a disease… Never observe its sustainability after the use of these natural resources. People tend to exploit natural resources massively, regardless of durability and waterproof effects. On the other hand, development can also have negative effects on humans… is a prokaryote and methane that has a metabolism of amino acids, nucleotides, carbohydrates and lipids. The metabolic pathway that has hardly changed over the course of evolution is because it is the path that produces the final product in the most efficient way. Mutations cause changes… Mountbatten estimated that it would take six divisions to accomplish these tasks, but the British were only able to prepare three divisions, even with delays, so that when they arrived in the former Dutch India, it could be said that all Japanese troops had been disarmed by the Indonesians who then controlled the weapons of the Japanese army, as was the case in Surabaya. On a sheet of paper, the Dutch „handed over“ to the Japanese the entire territory of Dutch India.

On August 1, 1945, MacArthur`s authority over Java, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan and Sulawesi was transferred to Mountbatten. Many say that Indonesia`s fate will be different if the entry into Indonesia is an American soldier and not a British soldier. In substance, the negotiations focus on the settlement of Indonesia`s transfer from the Dutch side to the Dutch side, particularly for Sumatra (Indonesian region presented by the South-East Asia Command, SEAC). Under this provision, the Allied Commander is authorized in the first phase to conduct military operations, conduct military operations and restore order and down. … and the United Kingdom signed the Civil Agreement (CAA) contained in the Memorandum of 24 August 1945 on 24 August 1945. The most important point of this agreement is the surrender of Indonesian territory, which was cleared by the Japanese army…. The news of Indonesia`s declaration of independence on 17 August 1945 certainly surprised the Dutch government. The most important point for the Netherlands in this agreement was the willingness of the United Kingdom to support the Dutch by military force and the territory of Indonesia, which had been „cleaned up“ by the armed forces supporting the Republic of Indonesia, was handed over to the Dutch Civil Administration of Indies (NICA). . In the second phase, as soon as things return to normal, NIC officials will take responsibility for the British representing the Allies. However, the agreement was not ratified until 24 August 1945 in London.

With Japan surrendering on 15 August, the Dutch quickly urged the British to ratify the agreement immediately.