Finance officials found that 70 per cent of airline subsidies would be paid to taxpayers through wage income and income tax and the reduction in unemployment insurance payments the government would have made to cabin crew if they had lost their jobs. The remaining 30% would not directly benefit taxpayers and would therefore be repaid in loans over a 10-year period, a senior Finance Department official said on Tuesday. „It is possible to reach agreement on a comprehensive discharge law to save our jobs,“ she said. One option would be to quickly pass a stand-alone bill for airlines, although senior Democratic congressional officials said it was difficult because many sectors are seeking help. The Ministry of Finance also said it would buy back equity from airlines that received aid. Details were not immediately available, although Delta said it would give warrants to the government to acquire about 1% of Delta shares at a price of $24.39 per share $US. U.S. airlines say Tuesday`s agreement with the federal government on coronavirus assistance contains provisions for possible state-led aircraft. The Department of Finance said last week that it would not ask airlines that received up to $100 million in rescue funds to give equity or other compensation to the government.

The government had received more than 200 requests from U.S. airlines seeking payroll assistance, and the Treasury said the majority were claiming less than $10 million. „While this process has not been simple or perfect, it is essential that there be agreements that end up putting workers and families first, where hundreds of thousands of cabin crew members – from flight crews to baggage handlers – are on the payroll during this extremely turbulent time for the U.S. economy,“ said Peter DeFazio (D-OR) , Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. He said so. DALLAS (NewsNation Now) – Two of the major U.S. airlines are bringing thousands of workers to the table in Washington, D.C. WASHINGTON, without a new agreement, the Trump administration has agreed with major airlines on the terms of a $25 billion bailout to support an industry plagued by the coronavirus pandemic. Without a new agreement on the table and a delayed stimulus vote in the United States.