4-Provide a response to a standard OSCE. One of the major majority errors of the candidates and on which we focus heavily in our course ADC PART 2. By the time the listener feels like you are a candidate and not a dentist, your chances of success in this OSCE are greatly diminished! Our mentors at the Academy, who have been facilitators, trainers and examiners for OSCEs at different stages of their careers, pointed out that it was the number one topic that gave the candidate the start. Congratulations on your success in the ADC events 🎉🎉 incredible success story of our 7 candidates, who have a total of 145 winners in the ADC Part-2 events. – Dr. Geetinder – Dr. Erika – Dr. Chandani… -Dr. Nimra – Dr.

Omana – Dr. Priyanka- Dr. Caroline Very happy that the team has contributed greatly to your success! Watch TEAM ADC Exams Mentoring – Coaching 2-Being late to registration, or notify your registration file (z.B. Your signed candidate settlement agreement or correct identification). Try to avoid unwanted stress by being on time and having your documents with you. Congratulations to all our candidates and others who took the exam today! This is the percentage of BEST Pass that our Academy has received over the years, 92%!! The Academy will congratulate them personally and will continue with your practical exam. For those who have not been able to do so this time, never lose hope. Due to the evolving nature of Covid-19, some of the examination sites were cancelled and some candidates were unable to take the exam…. We understand how difficult this must be for you, but please don`t lose patience, you will definitely be in the next in-take and all your efforts will be rewarding 🙂 Thank you, dear ADC exam candidate, please check out the latest written and practical 2021 tests and application deadlines. -All candidates who have registered in our courses please make sure to submit your application on time.

-All candidates who have asked us to register for our courses, please update us quickly by sending us a message. Thank you Reviews come back again and again, and we are stronger every day ✔️ Thank you www.facebook.com/RazaAbbas28/posts/2481781048792324 GREE TEAM… ADC Mentoring – Coaching exams . . -The best course for your preparation – > to the perfect course for your preparation! 3-No breaks during the day of technical proficiency of the practical exam. Some dentists think that taking breaks will waste time, but in reality, working with a blunt brain is more damaging than taking breaks. If you feel tired or your vision is affected by continuous work, take breaks to refresh and hydrate! 8-Inappropriate treatment of the patient (for example.B. Rest of the hand on the patient`s face).

-Avoid enrolling in courses that cost thousands of dollars and participating in our smart and efficient and highly recommended course and changing the dimensions of your preparation. Please www.facebook.com/RazaAbbas28/posts/2481781048792324 7-Do not seek the help of a ADC employee if you do not know how to use the available devices (for example.B. there may be minor operational differences between device brands. If used incorrectly, the devices may be damaged and are not available for your task). If you are unsure, please contact a staff member. Every problem you have with the Manikine, the dental department, call the staff at your disposal to help you. 6-Try a stain on a false tooth or quadrant. Check the procedure sheet twice before starting a specific task. announcement! An OSCE DUAL course to help you prepare for the practical exam.

Don`t miss this opportunity and increase your chances of success! Greetings to the team… ADC Mentoring Review – Coaching www.adcguidance.com www.facebook.com/RazaAbbas28 The practical exam is a platform to show you your skill in practicing safely as a dentist.