For an example of a sales contract that works, the sample provided here shows a typical agreement in Florida with succinct explanations of the legal language inside. This will help you familiarize yourself with real estate documents during the FSBO process. Residential real estate lawyers not only create sales contracts, they also take on other tasks and help you cover common legal pitfalls. A good lawyer guides you through all the documents and contacts the title or settlement company to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. Some lawyers calculate between $150 and $300 per hour or fixed rates based on a pro-service model. One way or another, it`s a good idea to budget these costs in the sale of your home. To determine which services are provided, it is important to understand that under Ohio`s licensing law, you must establish an agency relationship with the seller, buyer or both. In addition, Ohio law states that you owe this client fiduciary duties of due diligence and due diligence, obedience, confidentiality, disclosure, etc. In this scenario, you should specify with the parties who you will represent, what services will be provided, what compensation it will be and who will pay them. Your agency decisions would be to represent only the seller, only the buyer or both as a dual agent. Once this is decided, you will be able to better define the services you will perform.

Of course, this agreement should be reduced to the letter and, since it will probably be an agency agreement, it must contain the language and logo of fair housing and a specific expiration date. Keep the contract and all other necessary documents before meeting buyers, recommends FSBO Easy. If a buyer is so impressed that he makes an offer right away, you don`t want to miss the opportunity or give him the idea that you don`t know what you`re doing. You can download legal forms for your country on several websites. Write an addendum to cover any substantial changes the FSBO Easy website recommends. Write down the changes you want to make, the date of the initial agreement and the counter-offer, the address of the property and the names of the parties involved, and then insert them into the original document.