If the proposed construction requires not to fit into our criteria or if the inspector has doubts about the proposals, they will cause us to degenerate so that we can speak directly to the developer to give advice and agree on the next steps. Self-protection is a revolutionaryWe are attentive and willing, as we take care of ourselves and each other. By prioritizing our own needs, we can better show ourselves to each other and our community. We must also build a culture of collective care practices that reflect our needs and the needs of everyone. Self-protection is no excuse for neglecting or separating. Solving the problem, not the personWe will strive to separate the problem from humanity, the trauma and the personal journey of the person to BLUU. We need to look at philosophy, not philosophers. No one is disposable, and there is always a way back to the Alliance – the realization that this way back must be consistent with our principles and agreements, and may need time (and resources) to resolve. They will also tell us if they find that the affected sewers/sewers are in poor condition or if the soil conditions are unsatisfactory. In this case, we will visit one of our own inspectors on the site to see what needs to happen next. The OC will grow, move and change over time.

Our prayer in October 2017 OC is that future iterations of the organizing collective consider this document a useful guide and that changes are made if necessary. Spiritual grounding, which is agile and strategicWe use our spiritual basis to put people, our ties with each other and our collective power over established systems and processes. We aspire to be accountable to our inchote structures, but also to be politically agile and strategic. We want to approach our world and our communities with love: not just our prefabricated plans. The world is constantly changing, and we aspire to react quickly, to the earth, in our faith and in our principles. Consensus is not community and the Community is not a consensus. We recognize that tensions and disagreements are part of each community; We know that disciplined work of conflict and productive tension is necessary and must be strengthened and practiced in order to strengthen our collective. Honesty and TransparencyAll team members agree to be transparent with their team and constituents on all issues related to collective work.