If you have a telework agreement, make sure your supervisor has the appropriate contact information, but there is no need to update the agreement at this time. Employees should discuss their requirements with their supervisor, as we try to limit movement to the workplace in order to limit transmission of the virus. Cost center managers can authorize the purchase of cables, mice or keyboards at their discretion using their budget for office equipment at the cost center. With prior authorization from the manager, the employee can make reasonable purchases for a product and predetermined costs to make it eligible after returning to work. In agreement with assistant directors, services and agencies are encouraged to identify and determine the best way to deal with exceptional situations (critical services requiring a field presence); Security restrictions or other business imperatives for which it is not possible to consider a reasonable alternative to local work) that are not suitable for telework. The employer strives to be as flexible as possible in the use of all existing teleworkers and alternative work arrangements, in accordance with the company`s requirements. „The health and safety of all Canadians is a top priority for our government. The guidelines and guidelines were provided to all departments and agencies by the Office of the Chief Human Resources. The Government of Canada will be as flexible as possible and will not only allow telework, but will also encourage whenever possible. We are constantly reassessing the situation and trying to balance both our duty to Canadians with the health and safety of all public servants. The current Telework Directive does not cover these situations, but envisages remote work initiated by workers under normal conditions. As we review the Ministry of Finance`s existing telework instruments, it is necessary to update the framework put in place in April 2020 to ensure continued relevance and continued quality value and good management.

If you have not yet entered into a telework agreement, there is no need to enter into an application at this stage; that is, during the COVID 19 pandemic, when employees are asked to stay at home for their safety and reduce transmission of the virus. On March 13, deputy chiefs, agency heads (including separate employers) and staff heads were invited to arrange for telework where possible. We think it will take a few days to work it out, because this situation is changing. Due to the nature of his work, it is likely that it will be applied differently in different departments and agencies. Depending on the situation and when certain conditions are met, teleworkers may deduct certain expenses from their income from work for income tax reasons. Because of the complexity of the income tax law and the fact that each telework situation is unique, employees should contact the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) for any questions. Employees will find relevant information on the Canada Revenue Agency website. In the Treasury Board`s telework policy, the authorization of your supervisor requires that the following conditions (among other things) be applied: telework can be an excellent option for balancing work and private life for both IFs and management.