During a separation, you must be aware of this and prevent an already difficult situation from becoming more difficult than it should be. I worked with several couples who had agreed to get a divorce, even though they were not „on their word“ even though they lived under the same roof. When they spoke to me, it became very clear that they could no longer tolerate the situation and that some party had to move to move the divorce negotiations forward. The interim agreement may require a number of efforts, but at the end of the day it is worth it. In doing so, the parties can separate without necessarily jeopardizing their positions. 12 Critical Errors to Avoid If You Have a Breakup or Divorce Error 2: Try Your Own Broadcast Agreement Without Legal Consultation This is another common mistake made by separated couples. Some couples think they can simply download a separation contract model online and make their own separation agreement. It is true that this method can work in the simplest of cases, but it is rarely the case when dealing with issues of support, children and ownership. Separation agreements are regularly overturned on the basis that one party had no legal assistance or that the drafting was vague or incomplete. Most people are not familiar with the legal separation process and many friends will give advice. You probably have the best intentions, but each situation is unique, and your separation will not be the same as that of your friend. Think carefully before blindly accepting the advice of well-meaning friends.

An error at the beginning of the process can cost you dearly. Although submission is not strictly necessary, a separation agreement, once it has been filed, has the full force and effect of a court decision. Divorce may continue if the spouses separated more than a year ago. It is too early to make these decisions while you are still dealing with the hubbub of separation. Take it step by step, one decision at a time. Opt for your new living conditions as well as the financial aspects of your divorce. If you need to find a new job, this may be a good time to start networking. If you have children, you are working on a well-planned parenting plan that creates a structure for them that everyone can live with and adapt to. I often see separation agreements that provide for conditions on the cost of university for a minor child. A parent has no legal responsibility for a child`s university costs and should not assume that responsibility because of a divorce or separation. I even saw an agreement in which unguarded parents agreed to buy a car of their choice for each child when they finished high school. I told him I wanted to be adopted, and I wanted a Lamborghini.

While it is above, it shows the risk that no agreement was verified by a lawyer before signing it. In this article, I offer my thoughts on the frequent mistakes made by people who go through separation and divorce. They are based solely on my observations and opinions, not on statistics. Other experts may have differing opinions in my opinion. People often spend more money when they are not willing to be reasonable and negotiate, because feelings of anger, bitterness and sadness take over and change their judgment about what is right. Trying to take revenge by separating is never the right answer, it will eventually bring them more pain and money. Opening up to other dispute resolution options, such as mediation. B, can help couples reach a quicker, cheaper and fairer agreement.

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