10. Clause on the relationship between the parties: as a result of the agreement, a partnership clause between the parties defines the relationship between the parties. Or, in general, it is specified that there is no particular agreement between the parties (for example. B no agreement or employee/employer agreement). This is sometimes called a non-agreement clause or an independent contractoration clause. The provision would also indicate that no party has the power to act on behalf of the other party or to legally engage the other party. The licensee undertakes, within [15] days from the first day of [JANUARY, APRIL, JULY, AND OCTOBER, OR FIRST MONTHS OF QUARTERS] each year, during the duration of the agreement, to submit written statements to the licensee indicating the total number of devices that embody and contain the aforementioned inventions sold by the licensee during the previous quarter. The first statement is at the latest [15] [MOIS, YEAR] and covers the period from the date of this agreement to [DATE]. It is often necessary to include provisions after termination in licensing agreements. These include the steps each party must take when the agreement ends; obligations and actions that stop and continue to act after the termination of the contract and if there are differences based on the fact that the contract expires or by a proactive denunciation by a party; A debate on what happens to confidential information and the work of the parties; Final reporting obligations on all items under development; or final accounting obligations and payments between the parties. A lawyer can help you decide what are the right provisions for terminating your licence. The licensee grants the licensee the exclusive right and the manufacturing license, the sale and use of devices that, in all countries (countries) and in their territories, patented inventions in the patents mentioned above, at the full end of the duration or conditions for which such letters have been or may be issued, as well as any new issuance or edition of these patent letters, unless this agreement is terminated before that deadline or conditions, as shown below. B.

Without admitting the validity of the aforementioned patents, but only for commercial purposes, the licensee wishes to acquire the exclusive right and license to manufacture, sell and use devices that embody, use and contain the patented invention in these patents in all [COUNTRY] and in its territories.