Although the majority of LMAs involve outsourcing the operation of one television channel to another, a company can sometimes operate a station under an LMA, JSA or SSA, even if it does not yet have a station in that market. For example, in December 2013, the Louisiana Media Company (owned by New Orleans Saints and New Orleans, owner of the New Orleans Hornets) entered into a shared services agreement with Raycom Media to operate the former fox subsidiary of New Orleans, Louisiana, WVUE-DT; While the Louisiana Media Company owned and licensed the chain, other assets were acquired by Raycom, which owns stations in markets adjacent to New Orleans (including Baton Rouge, Jackson, Biloxi, Lake Charles and Shreveport), but not within New Orleans itself. Benson had received offers from Raycom and others to buy the station, but was not willing to sell WVUE directly. [17] [18] On April 4, 2017, Raycom acquired the channel for $51.8 million. [19] (e) after application of clause 4-2.10 (a) and (c) before 1 June, the application to amend the article 8-10.00 collective agreement, signed by the head of the school and the president of the teachers` council, will be forwarded to the Labour Relations Committee to ensure that the provisions of clause 8-10.03 are respected. I work 371.2 hours a week, and I work for a local authority that has a „local arrangement“ that is basically „mission and objective.“ In accordance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules, a local marketing agreement must give the company operating the station (the „senior“ partner) control of all station facilities, including finances, under the agreement. , station staff and programming. Its original licensee (the „junior“ partner) remains legally responsible for the station and its operation, for example. B compliance with the relevant substantive rules. A „local marketing agreement“ may occasionally relate to the common use or conclusion of certain functions, such as the sale of advertising. This concept can also be called the Time Brokerage Agreement (TBA), Local Sales Agreement (LSA), Management Services Agreement (MSA) “ or „Joint Sales Agreement“ (JSA) or Shared Services Agreement (SSA). JSAs are charged on the ownership limits of television and radio stations.

[1] [2] In Canada, local marketing agreements between national stations must be approved by the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), although Rogers Media used a similar agreement to control a U.S. radio station in a border market. (a) Within sixty (60) days of the signing of this agreement and now before 1 August of each year, the union communicates in writing to the Board of Directors the amount set as regular union fees for all categories of members, in accordance with the union`s statutes. Otherwise, the House makes deductions in accordance with the last notification received. The FCC`s increased control over local marketing, common services and joint sales agreements has led to more radical measures by broadcasters trying to use them in acquisitions; In 2014, two broadcasters announced their intention to completely close the acquired channels and consolidate their programming on existing multicasting channels, instead of trying to use sidecars and share agreements or sell them to other parties who would assume full responsibility for their day-to-day operations. [98] [99] iii) full-time employment with the local union or QPAT; Upon return, the teacher is responsible for tasks in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.