10.1. If the manufacture, delivery or delivery of any of the goods is prevented by the manufacturer or the manufacturer or the manufacturer, or if an independent carrier is prevented or prevented, directly or indirectly, from transporting the goods for any other reason that is not properly controlled by the manufacturer or company, the estimated or expressly agreed date for the delivery of the goods is extended by a reasonable period of time, given the consequence. 10.2. If the deadline for such an extension within 10.1 exceeds three months, the Company may cancel unreserved orders after or during this extension period. 4.5. If a delay is caused by the customer, the customer is responsible for additional storage/storage/handling, such as loading and unloading costs. If, for any reason, delivery is delayed outside the proper control of the company, a reasonable delivery time is granted and the customer bears reasonable surcharges caused by the delay. In addition, the company can terminate the contract, in which case it reimburses the customer the full amount of the price paid so far. 16.1. Any notification that must be addressed to the company or the buyer is sent to the company at its seat address or to the buyer at the address indicated in place of the order or sent by first class mail.

This notification or notification is deemed to be served if it was delivered at the time of delivery or if, at the time of the 48-hour expiration of the envelope containing the same envelope, it was sent to the post office and it is sufficient to prove that the delivery was made or that the envelope containing such a notification was correctly addressed and paid in advance as a first-class prepaid delivery letter. 2.1. All descriptions of the goods are provided only for identification and the use of such a description does not constitute a sale or description. The company maintains a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to modify specifications at any time prior to delivery without notice. By accessing or using this website or through our website, you agree to accept all terms and conditions and have therefore entered into an agreement with Contract Furniture Store Ltd that regulates your use of our website. The customer is responsible for the control of the goods at the time of delivery. Damaged or missing goods must be reported within two business days of this time. Contract Furniture Store Ltd no longer assumes any responsibility after this period. 10.

Memory Directive. Deliveright offers thirty (30) days of free storage. This free storage period begins when the coin arrives at one of Deliveright`s sites and is ready to be delivered. If an order is stored on one of the deliveright sites for more than thirty (30) days, deliveright having no fault, a fee per item stored is charged for the sender. This tax is applied again with every 30 (30) day increments that the order is stored. For example, if an order is located ninety (90) days on one of Deliveright`s sites, the fee is applied twice.