As a recognized Insurance Training Partner software, Microsoft compensates you for providing technical training to corporate clients in exchange for vouchers they receive with Software Assurance. Participating in this program can help you attract more customers and become their trusted learning partner. If you are an Azure customer and want to use the coupons for Azure training… You need to hurry up. Coupons expire in February 2020! Do you need help defining your training strategy? Contact a New Horizons learning expert here. The more codes your organization acquires, the greater the volume discount you will receive. It is recommended that you use one of the following resources to identify your organization`s training needs and develop a learning plan that meets your company`s business objectives. A little history: For more years than I remember, I co-wrote and maintained the first sales specialist training of Microsoft, which was then all NT4 and SNA Server. There was half a day for Microsoft`s license. I had to train 500 partners to license an MS solution, sell enterprise agreements and add Software Assurance. At the time, Software Assurance was a simple device. Pay a tax and get better protection.

Therefore, if you are provided as part of your NT 3.51 enterprise agreement, you can receive NT 4 „for free.“ What if there were no software updates? Well, it didn`t matter, since the customer also received software assurance training checks (SATVs) … a way to get quality training from a Microsoft Learning partner. It`s free. Talk to a learning professional today to find the right Microsoft training solution for your business. Microsoft E-Reference Libraries offer comprehensive content on Microsoft products and related technologies. The user-friendly microsoft Press e-book collection, hosted online via any Internet connection, offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to print libraries and an excellent complement after the online training and learning course. Training vouchers are a simple way to optimize your computer training budget by allowing employees to take Microsoft courses for a number of training days. SATVs are usually included in your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. This agreement determines the number of training days available in your organization. SA`s new benefits plans are designed to eliminate programs that are not used – and sometimes ignored and forgotten.

While the biggest change with the training vouchers is the most dramatic, you now have access to free Microsoft training, which is offered more flexibly. The withdrawal of Azure training from training programs will take place on February 1, 2020. Clients have less than six months to register with certified training centres and activate training vouchers. We advise you to immediately establish a training plan for your Azure users and exchange these training vouchers as soon as possible. Once you have completed a course, you must use the right one. Follow the step 7 workflow instructions to make sure all requirements are met to ensure you meet the payment. It is strongly recommended to block Azure formation as quickly as possible.