Many educational sites have very good sports facilities, which are often underutilized at normal schooling. That`s why we want to encourage increased availability of sports facilities for the general purpose community if they are not used by the primary user. The Community Sharing Agreement is a more detailed agreement that applies when a school and/or a third party contribute to the construction of a new building or to the modernization of an existing facility; such as the construction of a new sports stadium in a school, funded by the school and the city council, which will be used by the school and local sports groups. A rental agreement offers exclusive use to the taker and is therefore not an appropriate agreement for the sharing of facilities. By law, school boards are not entitled to enter into leases with land or buildings. Schools wishing to conclude this agreement must conclude a proposal to share the Community. When an educational institution decides that its sports facilities are available for community use, it is a good idea to formalize this agreement with a Community Use Agreement (AUC). It explains how the agreement should work and should normally cover hours of availability, management agreements and pricing policies. It may be useful to modify this standard model if necessary to reach out to appropriate local partners to reflect local priorities, objectives and circumstances.

If the model is used, the AUC must be developed in agreement with the contracting parties before being finalized. These cases may include the proposal to secure and/or improve community use as one of the appropriate alternative and/or reduction measures, where existing playgrounds or other sports facilities may be affected. This reduction may be necessary so that we do not formally oppose or withdraw our opposition to a development proposal. The objective of this policy is to explain the different types of agreements available to facilitate the collective use of schools and to outline what schools need to do to access them. By law, school boards are entitled to enter into a Common Use Contract (CJUA).