To apply to participate in the cooperation agreement, please download and complete the CCC Cooperation Agreement. The application can be completed electronically in a pdf program or by hand, and scanned as an electronic copy. Students should register the app as a file name with their last name, first name and date. … Although the NSF oversees cooperation agreements, it will not assume overall control of a project or unilaterally modify or direct the project`s activities. All cooperation agreements define the nature and extent of the expected participation of NFNs to ensure that the responsibilities of each party are fully understood. The cooperation agreement ensures that CCC (CRA) and NSF cooperate to ensure the success of the CCC. This close working relationship is important because, at the end of the day, we are interested in creating funded computer research activities. The Certified Cooperative Communicator (CCC) program offers co-op communications managers the opportunity to test and improve their professional skills in order to acquire CCC certification. As a certified cooperative communicator, professional communication skills and detailed sknowledge in the cooperative sector are reported under Diem.

You must have a year of experience in carrying out communication-related work in the electric cooperative. Together, you establish an agreement that will determine students` departure/end dates, work schedules, customs duties, salary (if paid), student expectations and performance. „The CCC name shows the commitment of the communicator and the co-op that communication is a priority in all aspects of member service.“ In March 2006, the NSF called for a community computing consortium. In October of that year, AGENCE responded to this request and submitted a proposal supported by explicit letters of support from 132 doctoral assistance programs, 16 leading companies, 7 major national laboratories and research centres, and five professional companies in this area. In late 2006, the CCC was created by a cooperation agreement between NSF and the credit rating agency, in accordance with a positive external peer review.