The debt guarantee contract with an enforceable clause of the [] that relates to the receivables and credit rights of Net Sao Paulo Ltda. A percentage of receivables that decreases on the basis of the age of the receivables. 70% to 80% of the total outstanding receivables; or collateral allows you to go to a lender and get a loan with your receivables as collateral. The lender will review their aging plan and accept the debts it considers to be the slightest risk. This means that they will not accept outstanding debts or receivables with credit conditions that they deem too long. Once they determine how many receivables they are willing to accept, they will give you a percentage of that amount in a loan. Typically, this represents about 75-85% of receivables. The difference between collateral and factoring is that the lender will not withdraw your debts for you. The collateral is actually guaranteed that you will finally have the money because you put your debts in place. 4.4. Instruments, securities, cat securities, documents and deposits mortgaged. Each grantor becomes (i) the management officer immediately after this security agreement is replaced by the originals of all „Papers,“ „Securities“ (as long as they are certified), (ii) trust the administrative officer upon receipt and provide immediately after, at the request of the administrative officer153s, at the request of the administrative officer153s, after the appearance and continuation of a late payment , to the management officer (and, subsequently, to provide the administrative officer with confidence and immediately to the administrative officer) which represents security amounting to more than USD 1,000,000 and (iv) at the request of the administrative officer153 a correct implementation, in the form of Schedule „H“ on this subject (the „amendment“) under which this Grantor is assured of such additional guarantees. This Grantor authorizes the administrative officer to add any changes to this security agreement and agrees that any additional safeguards in these amendments are considered to be part of the safeguards; provided that, in order to avoid any doubts about the provision of the shares of the subsidiaries required under this section 4.4, only the holdings held by subsidiaries constituting the security under Article II of this article are delivered to the administrative officer; where the participation of the first-phase foreign subsidiaries to be provided as part of the supply, in accordance with the first stage of the foreign subsidiaries covered in point 5.09 of the credit contract, may take place.