Apply for entry from Unisa during the application period via your TVET or Unisa These classes have generally improved to improve the penetration rate of students enrolling in it. Visit for registration information. Unisa has entered into an agreement with several technical vocational training schools (TVET) to offer courses in a number of certifications. Applicants who wish to enrol in teaching in a technical vocational training school (TVET) under the Unisa-TVET agreement can apply through the relevant TVET University or through online or self-help options at Unisa. The TVET colleges with which Unisa has agreements offer courses and support for Unisa university materials. Students who follow this path have had great success in their studies. Please report this problem by filling out and sending the form below. Anyone wishing to start a new qualification must apply for admission. This also includes the AT (SA) programs that we would like to include in the university brochure: Yes, you must apply to Unisa during the normal application period.

After acceptance, you must register with Unisa during the registration period. At the same time, you must register for the TVET Graduate School of your choice. Don`t forget to make sure that the university of your choice offers support in the higher certificate you are applying for. “I am pleased that the institutions have decided to implement this initiative with higher level 5 qualifications, which is the ideal level and the ideal type of qualification to enable students in TVET education and training programs to enter university and diploma studies,” said Mr. Qonde. BAN1501 BAN1501 BSM1501 CBC1501 CRM1501 ECS1501 FAC1501 QMI1500 RSK1501SUS1501 National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management L4 Yes, universities charge extra for teaching and support. These costs are subsidized by the state to make them more affordable. Costs vary from institution to institution. Check out the university where you want to study for an offer of help at the university. Certificate of Continuing Education: Accounting L4 Higher Certificate in Basic Adult Training (98615) . AUE1501 BNU1501CAS1501 CLA1501 ENN1504 FAC1501 FAC1501 MAC1501 MNB1501 TAX1501 A higher certificate is an accredited qualification and may allow you to obtain a diploma or a bachelor`s degree.

The basis for the formalization of the partnership between the university and TVET universities is in Section 43 of the Further Education and Training Colleges Act (Law 16 of 2006), now known as the Continuing Education Act. The law provides that a public university can only offer higher education programs on behalf of a university, after the Minister of Higher Education has given its authorization and published it in the government scoreboard. This site has recently been redesigned and offers many advantages, including reduced redundancy of web content, faster loading times and a more responsive website, visible on all devices and screens. Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences (98237) Unisa is one of two public universities that have begun to partner with TVET Colleges. Mr. Qonde thanked the Vice-Chancellor of Unisa and the TVET Directors for the courage to conclude this partnership, which has shown courage and foresight in these educational institutions. These courses are offered to Richtek and Chef Albert Luthuli All applications must be submitted online during the application deadline.