RM3 for each RM1,000 or a fraction of it depending on the counterparty or value, depending on the highest value. The Stamps Office generally applies one of three methods of assessing common shares for stamp duty: Article 5, paragraph (d, Of Schedule 1-A of the West Bengal Stamps Act sets stamp duty at six per cent for the agreement or memorandum of understanding of a real estate sale agreement (6%) the market value of the property and the maximum authorized tax is twenty-five lakhs (rule 25,000/-). In Section 34 of Schedule 1A, stamp duty in the compensation loan will be between 2 and 20 rupees, depending on the amount of compensation. An unstamped or insufficiently stamped instrument is not admissible as evidence before the courts, nor is it used by a public servant. Up to 300,000 (Note 1) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Effects on the stamp tax process: During the coronavirus outbreak, the Stamp Office temporarily accepts only electronic versions of transport instruments and/or requests for exemption from stamp tax and, where stamp duty is payable, only electronic money transfers (cheques). For more information, see the practical note: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on tax lawyers – stamp duty. If you have questions about stamp duty transactions, contact Stamp`s reserve tax requests. [i] See section 16 of the SDA (Inter vivo Voluntary Promotion). The IRAS generally takes the net inventory value in stock value, provided that all real estate is included in the company`s balance sheet at the time of the transfer to market value, as indicated in the company`s administrative accounts, which must be completed up to a date of at least 24 months prior to the transfer date.

In the case of publicly traded shares, IRAS states on its website that if no document is executed for the transfer of scripless shares [which are normally transferred by book registration to CDP title accounts or depository sub-accounts], stamp duty is not payable. This seems to mean that IRAS intends that if a sale of scripless shares requires the execution of a transfer to the company`s registry, i.e.