The agreement could also lead to the creation of a joint defense production plant in the Philippines for the manufacture of Russian-designed small arms, such as the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle. This appears to be Moscow`s counterpoint to Washington`s 2016 decision to halt the sale of assault rifles to the Philippine National Police for human rights reasons. To underline this, Russian envoy Igor Khachevev said the agreement would have “no political conditions” and that Moscow would “never teach human rights to anyone.” The deal could also pave the way for large Russian defense sales to the Philippines. In January, Manila agreed to buy 12 Mi-17 military transport helicopters in Russia. Moscow is very keen to build on this success and has offered to sell a number of defence equipment, including submarines, to Manila. (NB: In August 2019, Duterte gave the go-ahead to the Philippine Navy to acquire two submarines.) 1. Aircraft operated by or for the United States armed forces may, with authorization from the Philippine government, enter the Philippines in accord with the procedures set out in the terms and conditions. There would be the transfer of the U.S. Navy Joseph Scott Pemberton, who currently declared a 10-year prison sentence in a Philippine Armed Forces facility (AFP) for the 2014 murder of Filipino transgender Jennifer Laude in the Penitentiary National Prison, Bagares. Pemberton was arrested at AFP Custodial Center “as part of an agreement” between the two countries under the VFA.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF have signed this agreement by the undersigned duly approved by their respective governments. If the Philippine government decided to impose an end to the VFA, it would only have to inform the United States in writing of its intention to end the treaty. The agreement will remain in effect 180 days after this notification is sent. For his part, the honourable senator said that he was insinuating that he was behind the denunciation of the agreement. It is considered an agreement that complements the Mutual Defence Treaty (MDT), another agreement between the Philippines and the United States, which ensures that both countries provide military assistance if their metropolitan areas or Pacific territories are attacked by a foreign force. (a) “members of the force,” the military personnel of the Philippine armed forces who are in the United States for their official duties, including boat and plane visits; The VFA provides for rules on the entry and exit of U.S. personnel to the Philippines, the transfer of military ships and aircraft, and the importation and export of equipment and goods related to the activities covered by the agreement. CNN Philippines, Revisiting the Jennifer Laude murder case, February 24, 2015 Although Duterte did not threaten to withdraw from MDT and EDCA, both would still be affected. Without the VFA, for example, joint training exercises would only be limited to “agreed sites” under the EDCA, Bagares said. This would also have an impact on the VFA intercom agreement, he added.

If Washington and Manila fail to reach a compromise by August 9, 2020, China and Russia will welcome the lifting of the 1998 visitation agreement. Both countries oppose the global primacy of the United States and try to undermine the constellation of American military alliances that help maintain them. (1) With the exception of contractual arrangements, including foreign military sales letters from the United States, and the acceptance and rental of military equipment, the two governments waive any claim against each other for damage, loss or destruction of the property of the other`s armed forces, or for the death or violation of their military and civilian personnel as a result of activities under this agreement. The VFA also provides for a reciprocal or contrary agreement, signed on 9 October 1998.